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You’ve heard it before: The best things come in small packages. But this is especially true if the recipient lives in a small space.

Skip the cumbersome kitchen appliances or the bulky outdoor gear this holiday season. We’ve rounded up some gift ideas that don’t take up a ton of space, and, in some cases, are space savers. 

These 10 gift ideas will wow those on your list who live in an apartment, tiny home or other small space.

1. The gift of Closetbox

Not only will gifting Closetbox save space, but it will actually create space and free up weekends. Say you’ve got an outdoor enthusiast on your shopping list. Instead of buying them more gear, gifting them with the service of Closetbox will help them manage their gear better. For example, your friend can have his snowboard, snowshoes and fat-tire bike available in the winter and, then, come spring, trade that gear out for his road bike, tent and fishing equipment. Or, say you’ve got a fashionista on your list. Rather than gifting her with clothes you’re not sure she’ll like, giving Closetbox will let her trade out her seasonal clothes creating a curated capsule wardrobe so she feels like a fashion editor. The way Closetbox works? Two professional storage movers will come pick up an individual’s belongings to store in their own private, secure storage vault they need their belongins back. When that happens, Closetbox will make the delivery. Want to learn more? Call 877-620-8420

Closetbox professional Storage Movers

2. Steam shower spray

Skip the bubble bath, salts and bath bombs that just take up prime bathtub real estate. Instead, opt for the eucalyptus steam shower spray that can re-create a grandiose spa experience at home, and comes in a small, 4-ounce bottle ($26) so it won’t crowd the bathtub. To use, you just spray downwards in a warm shower stream and create a relaxing, aroma-therapeutic experience as the steam rises. (The spray is also a great way to clear up stuffy noses). “It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to add some luxury to their small space,” says  Kelsey LaBarbera with Travertine Spa Collection, which makes natural and organic skin and bodycare products.

spa shower spray

3. A 2-in-1 car seat and stroller

Got a new parent or a parent-to-be on your shopping list? Babies come with a whole lot of gear. That’s why new parents will love the space-saving ingenuity of the Doona car seat ($499) that combines a car seat and stroller in one piece of gear. It’s easy to use, with the push of a button taking from car seat to stroller and back. It’s also great for those New York City parents because it can easily be used as a car seat with or without the base, making it ideal for taxis, Uber rides, and car rentals. “When my wife and I had our first daughter, we felt the need to spend as much quality time with her and took her everywhere. While we understood the importance of protecting her, the day-to-day use of infant car seats and strollers was agonizing,” says Yoav Mazar, who designed Doona.
car seat baby4. Boxed wine

You’ve probably noticed the craft beer industry is shifting more from bottles to cans. In the world of wine, we’re seeing a similar trend: High-quality wines moving from bottles to boxes. (Go ahead, shake the stale stereotypes you have of boxed wine being cheap!) Case-in-point? The restaurant industry loves boxed wine because a 3-liter box can hold the equivalent of four bottles but takes up far less space, is stackable and stays fresh up to six weeks after opening. Give the gift of high-quality boxed wine from winemaker Beso Del Sol. You’ve got choices, like white, red and pink sangria. The boxes are $19.99, which comes out to be about $5 per bottle.

5. Massage ball

Self-massage tools tend to be clunky and take up a lot of space in storage closets. Enter a space saver: The Bodyworks Ball ($34.99), a portable self-massage tool that’s super-compact and efficient. It’s a great way to counter “tech neck” that comes from sitting hunched over tech devices plus any other aches and pains you’ve got. It was originally designed for elite pro athletes to use when traveling, which required a special non-marking rubber, to not damage the walls of hotels.  Weighing only 8 ounces, it packs easily and can hang on a hook.

6. A charging dock

A jumble of charging chords can make a space look chaotic. If you’ve got a tech geek on your shopping list, gift them with a sleek charging station from All Dock (starting at $129) that comes in bamboo, walnut or aluminum and that can be ordered in various rail widths so it’s a custom-fit for your friend’s home. The charging dock has additional accessory add-ons to charge devices like smart watches and Fitbits.

7. A mini drone

The Blade Helis Inductrix, $179.99, is a mini drone racer comes with a camera built in and is small enough to fly indoors but durable enough to withstand any crashes. Plus, it comes with a First Person View, which means it can link up with a headset which gives the driver a view from the cockpit. It also comes with a monitor and radio remote control.

8. Mason Jar Herb Garden

City dwellers with no backyards don’t have to give up their gardening inspirations. These vintage-inspired planters ($20) use a hydroponic system that makes it easy to grow herbs. They’ll think of you everytime they snip some basil to garnish a pasta dish or harvest their home-grown herbs for a delish chimichurri.

9. Ticket stub diary

Oh, the places you’ll go! But how about the places you’ve been? Holding on to a concert ticket stub from an epic concert or a boarding pass to a new vacation spot definitely isn’t clutter. Rather, those tangible mementos can serve as a reminder of great times. Allow your favorite concert or travel buddy to corral the memories into one notebook ($12). If you want to turn this into a bigger gift, of course, gift them with some concert tickets or game tickets.

10. Food hugger

Got a home chef on your “nice” list? They’ll love these food huggers that keep produce fresh without all the bulky storage containers taking up shelf space. Plus, these silicone cups ($9.99) are an eco-friendly alternative to using and tossing plastic storage bags and are a great way to better store fruits and vegetables.