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Is your home or office feeling too crowded? Are you planning on traveling the world for a year? Or, maybe, you just want to make your house look less cluttered in order to sell it faster. Renting a storage unit is beneficial for many people at many stages of life. Here are some of the top reasons people of all walks of life rent a storage unit.

1. You want to baby proof the house.

Some people have hobbies that are full of sharp edges or little pieces that they want to enjoy with their kids, but at the baby stage, those hobbies are more of a danger than a fun activity. Take model trains for instance. Many little kids love helping setup a model train set, but with several small pieces that are easy for babies to swallow, it might be best to store it until those kids can appreciate it.

2. You are a college student moving back home for the summer or studying abroad.

Many college students see going to college far away from home as an opportunity for some freedom. However, if you choose to travel back home for your summers (or take on internships), moving all of your stuff around might not make the most sense. In addition, you might not need items such as your pots and pans to travel with you when you travel abroad.

3. Your office or home is too cluttered.

Do you have furniture or papers that you have to hold onto, but don’t use very often. Oftentimes, these items take up space and create clutter. By moving them to a storage unit, they are still accessible, but not in the way.

4. You are trying to sell your house.

If you are trying to sell your house, staging it can mean everything. Removing items you don’t use frequently can make a space look larger and more inviting. Plus, if you use a storage unit for the packed up items, they are ready to go when you move into your new dream home.

Rent a Storage Unit to for less clutter

There are many good reasons to rent a storage unit. But a Free At-Door Pickup from Closetbox makes it stress-free to rent a storage unit.

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