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Santa has his elves. You? You’ve got Closetbox helpers to lend an assist this holiday season.

Whether you need to trade out pumpkins for evergreen boughs to deck the halls or you need to clear out space to make a pop-up guest bedroom, we’re here to help with holiday storage this season.

“Closetbox is on a mission to help make room for the holidays in the easiest way possible,” says Travis Henry, senior director of marketing and communications. “We don’t want you to be thinking about storage. We want you to be thinking about the holidays, enjoying time with family and friends.”

The idea here? Stay put by that cozy fireplace and we’ll do the heavy lifting (literally). 

Here’s how it works: Box up your belongings, and Closetbox will come and pick them up. Certified, bonded and insured movers will transport your belongings into our secure, climate-controlled warehouse. (Translated: Your precious cargo is safe with us).  Doesn’t that sound a lot easier than trying to shove everything into your garage and then have to park your car out on the street, scraping off the ice in the morning? Brrr

“The great thing about Closetbox is we are everywhere,” Henry says. “We don’t have a North Pole location yet, but, hey, you never know what’s next.”

Here’s 7 great ways you can let Closetbox lend an assist this holiday season.

1. Trade out your table 
Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast, holiday dinner party or Christmas-morning brunch, you’ll need to make room at the table. No need to ask your guests to BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair), though. You can store your entertaining essentials with us — everything from a large table that fits the whole family or the card table that serves as the “kid’s table.” We’ve also got room for extra chairs, your fine china and fancy silverware and those holiday tablescape decorations, whether that’s knitted pumpkins for Thanksgiving or dramatic candelabras for an elegant New Year’s Eve dinner.


2. Deck the halls
Out with the old (ahem, we’re talking about you creepy Halloween skeleton), and in with the new. Once you’ve baked your last batch of pumpkin seeds and have gotten Skittles unstuck from your little one’s costume (how does that even happen?), it’s time to turn your attention to holiday decorating. But first, here’s our guide on how to clear your house of those Halloween spirits, with post-Halloween storage and cleaning tips.

There’s no need to keep decorations stored in your home that you only use 1/12th of the year, right?
You can let Closetbox stash your decorations, trading out what you need to decorate with as the seasons approach. Once you box up the Halloween decor, transition to the holidays. You can keep some seasonal boxes in storage with Closetbox; everything from the snow globes you set out each year to the Christmas-time DVD and books your family loves to enjoy together. 

3. Put up those lights
There’s an art and a science to properly storing holiday lights. Your Dec. 2018 self will thank you if you properly roll up the lights instead of letting them tangle into one big heap. So, to get this right, it’s best to purchase a storage system that has light wraps. These can be a tad cumbersome, and, course, take up space. Go ahead, and add them to your holiday collection that Closetbox stores for you. We’ll gladly house those log reindeers or the blow-up Santa Clauses that grace your yard, as well.

christmas lights

4. Put out the Christmas tree
No need to store your faux Christmas tree in the garage, letting it take up space that could be occupied by belongings that you use on a daily or weekly basis. Instead, you can let Closetbox store your Christmas tree, as well as its supporting cast (AKA ornaments).

5. Make room for new toys
If your kiddos are on the nice list, that likely means Santa will be bringing a big toy haul. You can clear out some of their older toys or classic toys, and temporarily stash them with Closetbox while they enjoy their new Christmas toys. Then, come spring, you can make another toy swap. (That kind of toy swap makes it feel like Christmas all over again).

Family decorating Christmas tree

6. Get the guest room ready
Common scenario: That guest bedroom you have tends to be a magnet for misfit items or perhaps has doubled as a home gym when, err, vacancy was low the rest of the year.  Or, if your short on space, you might need to temporarily convert your home office into a pop-up guest bedroom. Either way, clear out the guest room and let Closetbox come pick up your belongings while you play the role of a gracious innkeeper. Here’s some more Closetbox tips on how to get your home, and guest bedroom, ready for the holidays.

7. Get your gear locker ready
For those who live near ski resorts, we hope Santa brings you an epic White Christmas this year. With the ski resorts opening up and vacation time circled on your calendar, it’s time to trade out your summer recreational equipment for your winter gear so that you can hit the slopes as soon as fresh powder kisses the mountain.