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During a recent Good Morning America Segment, ABC News let viewers in on a new crime epidemic effecting owners of self storage facilities:

“A growing problem, more and more self storage facilities now under siege”

“Across the country, people are losing the items they have placed in storage units.”

“Personal Treasures from Storage Units are an increasingly easy target.”

Check out the news clip HERE:



Denver self-storage units experience as many as 1 crime, such as burglary or assault, every 2 months

The Denver Police Department reported almost one crime, such as burglary or assault, every two months at some downtown Denver self storage facilities. (District 3 Community Resource Officer. 720.913.1300). The Houston Police department reports that some Houston area self storage facilities experienced almost one crime per month.


– ABC News. Good Morning America.


Please see our blog entry: to learn the top questions to ask self storage facilities before you rent a storage unit. The best thing you can do is never visit a self storage facility alone, avoid visiting after dark and never trust video monitoring unless it is actively monitored by a central facility 24/7 with the ability to send the police. When self storage facilities mention their facility is monitored, it usually means only when the property manager is there and happens to be looking at the monitor. Because self storage facilities are lightly staffed with only a single property manager, those property managers are often distracted or showing units and therefore unable to monitor the video…leaving you vulnerable.