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Pilot and flight attendant jobs include a great many perks, not the least of which are flight benefits for yourself, friends, and family. But the job also comes with a number of drawbacks and challenges. One of the big challenges is finding a reasonably-priced, reasonably-safe living situation, given that flight attendants spend so much of their time away from their home base.

The crammed-full crashpad is one of the most common solutions. But as much financial sense as this type of living arrangement offers, most people tend to underestimate the toll it can take. For one very big, very simple reason: There are only so many belongings, or personal effects, that you can keep in a crashpad. Over time, with travel demands, roommate idiosyncrasies, and a lack of personally significant touchstones, this living situation can really wear on your sense of self. And, eventually, sabotage an otherwise fulfilling career choice.


What Makes this New Concierge Storage Different?

Instead of time-consuming self-storage units with hidden fees, rather than overpriced, “full-service” storage companies, there’s a new concierge storage solution that’s tailor-made for pilots and flight attendants. Hassle-free and competitively-priced, here’s a basic rundown of how it works:

1. Box up any smaller items.

2. Estimate your total storage order (number of boxes + furniture and other large items).

3. Schedule your pickup date.

Professional, licensed storage handlers will pick up your storage at your front door and safely load, transport, and unload your items at our local storage facility. Want to use something out of your storage unit during some of your off days? You can also order storage return delivery from these same storage handlers, or save a few bucks by picking up your storage items on your own.


Making it Work: Crashpad+Concierge Storage

Here’s the real trick: The initial pickup service is always complimentary, and the return delivery costs are prorated. This means you can store a good portion of your belongings and still retrieve individual items at affordable prices. This type of personalized storage service is the perfect solution when multiple bunk beds and suitcase stowage take up a considerable amount of the living space. 

The storage industry has its own end of summer rush, but generally speaking, return delivery can put your items back in your possession within 24 hours. Often, just long enough to confirm an event with your friends and family and still have access to belongings that will enhance the event, or even make it possible in the first place.

Moreover, this delivery service is more reliable than ever before. It’s easy to contact a personal storage concierge and leave any special instructions that come with picking up or dropping off items at your crashpad. Online accounts allow you to order storage pickup or return delivery with push-button convenience even while you’re traveling.


Storage Supplies

It’s not always easy to find empty boxes from the airport’s food and retail vendors. Concierge storage can drop off extra packing supplies for a small fee. Boxing up your smaller items shouldn’t become its own ordeal. That said, shrink wrap, protective blankets, and breathable bags are typically included for safely transporting and storing your larger items.


Get Started

Finally take up that ski/golf/backpacking/kayaking habit you’ve been talking about doing for so long. Tell your parents that you want your old cello back. Tell your grandparents that you’ll gladly take the old grandfather clock that you loved so much growing up. Call your friends and co-workers up and tell them you’re ready to move in. Contact our concierge storage team and live in a crashpad without losing yourself.