7 tips for replacing your hardwood floors

When you stop and think about it, your floor is the site of dozens of important moments: Family tickle sessions. Baby's first steps. Muddy boot prints on a snow day. Snuggles with the dog after a tough day at school.After settling into your starter home, it makes sense that one of the first renovation projects you'd want to tackle is redoing the hardwood floors to match your style.Sure, it's a big undertaking with kids and work, but it's nothing you can't handle. And, when you're finished, you'l

How to temporarily live (well!) while building a house

In a perfect world, you’d close on a home one day, and be ready to move into your new home the next. But the likelihood of those timeframes syncing up neatly? About as slim as that LED smart TV you can’t wait to hang in the family room.But just because you’re in limbo doesn’t mean you can’t live well. Here’s 6 expert tips on how to live comfortably, and embrace the adventure, while you’re waiting for your new home to be built.1. Treat the time like a 'mini vacation'This works especially well if

The science behind storing baseballs in humidors

At home, you probably don’t put much thought into where you stash your kids’ fast-pitch softballs or little league baseballs. As long as you’re not tripping over them, those balls are just fine where they’re at—in the trunk of your SUV or tossed in a bin that lives in the garage, right? But the professionals? They’re putting a lot of thought into baseball storage. In fact, two MLB teams—the Colorado Rockies and now the Arizona Diamondbacks—are turning to humidors to store baseballs. The Colorado