Top 5 Back-to-School Storage Projects

Now that the calendar month is turning over to August, families are looking at their back-to-school to-do list with an increasing sense of urgency. Here are 5 popular back-to-school storage projects that are better with Closetbox.1. Don't Let Clutter Ruin the Vibe: One of the best parts about the back-to-school season is the new clothes, fresh supplies, schedule planners, and general organization. There's renewed focus and energy. There's a palpable sense of opportunity and endless possibili

Moving in together? 8 expert tips to make it smooth

So, you’re moving in together. You’ve both been living solo for awhile and amassed not just a lot of stuff, but your own lifestyles and habits. How do you pull this off so that your relationship falls more in the romance genre, less in the drama category? We turned to experts to lend tips to learn how you can merge your lives, while still maintaining your own personal identities. We’ll let them take it from here.1. Have a pre-move-in discussionJust like you do a pre-move inspection, it’s definit

Apartment checklist: 9 tips for your child's first place

Tired of cafeteria food and nosy resident advisors, your (almost) adult son tells you he’s ready to move out of the dorms. He wants to move into an apartment at the end of the semester with a few friends instead.As a parent, the prospect of your child moving into his first apartment can be nerve-wracking, even if you’re the one making sure the rent gets paid on time. What about walking home from the library late at night? All-night ragers? A less-than-honest landlord? Roommates who never wash th


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