9 tips for coping with the death of a parent

No amount of preparation can make losing an elderly parent any easier, even if they’ve lived a long, full life. After the initial shock, there are a whole host of logistical details that need to be sorted out—finances, funeral arrangements, helping your surviving parent decide what to do next. You may be stressed about taking too much time off from work and worried about how your teenage children will handle losing a grandparent. And you’re expected to navigate all of these challenges (and mor

6 ways to take advantage of your empty nest

Empty nest? It’s time to re-feather it!Once your children are old enough to fly the coop, so to speak, you’ve got some extra space (and time!) to devote to your hobbies and interests.The first step? Re-converting your kids’ bedrooms into a new type of space.Ben Soreff, professional organizer with House to Home Organizing, tells us that turning kids’ rooms into home gyms is the most common use for the space. But, he says, turning your child’s room into a guest room is probably the most practical

Moving in together? 8 expert tips to make it smooth

So, you’re moving in together. You’ve both been living solo for awhile and amassed not just a lot of stuff, but your own lifestyles and habits. How do you pull this off so that your relationship falls more in the romance genre, less in the drama category? We turned to experts to lend tips to learn how you can merge your lives, while still maintaining your own personal identities. We’ll let them take it from here.1. Have a pre-move-in discussionJust like you do a pre-move inspection, it’s definit