11 self-storage stories to make you never use it again

When you think of a self-storage facility, what comes to mind? You probably aren't picturing the cleanest, brightest, friendliest place in the world.But sometimes, self-storage facilities – and the units inside them — go beyond creepy and into the realm of straight-up scary. They're private, somewhat isolated and the perfect place for bad guys and creepos to store things they wouldn't want in their own house.These are some of the quirkiest, grossest and most terrifying things ever discovered in

Strange things people have stored through the years

Many of us tend to store similar things in storage spaces -  furniture, boxes of winter clothes, camping gear, toys or electronic gear that may or may not be needed later.But some people take the concept of storage to a completely new level with what they’ve got stashed away. While modern day finds of what people store certainly has raised an eyebrow or two, you may be surprised to find what people have stored in the past.  Today let's go on a journey from the past to the present to take a look

This isn't your grandfather’s senior care home

Knowing when to move your aging parents out of their own home and into a senior community or an assisted living facility can be tricky.These are your parents, of course, the same people who took care of you and your siblings for all those years, then became your support system when you had children of your own.But today's senior care facilities are radically different from what you're imagining. Gone are the days of terrible cafeteria food and dreary rooms. Oh no, these days, seniors are living


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