The true cost of storage for college students

Trying to help a college student move out of the dorms when they’re hundreds of miles from home can be a huge headache for parents. Just ask any parent who has done it.Travis Henry’s daughter went to school at Scripps University in California, a solid 1,000 miles away from the family’s home in Colorado. When it came time for her to pack up and move home for the summer, logistics were always a nightmare.“She had to attempt to rent a storage unit, rent a truck and enlist some help moving her belon

College Summer Storage Miami

Congrats, Florida college students, you’ve reached the final stretch of the spring semester. Just like your future, your summer is looking mighty bright. Cue the internships, summer travel and hopefully at least a few beach days spent on South Beach, lazing on the sand and bobbing in the waves.As you prepare for the end-of-the-year rush (finals exams, move-out, graduation parties!) let Closetbox help. We can stash your belongings this summer whether you’re going home for the summer to live with

Create an outdoor oasis on a budget

After being cooped up indoors for months, we are guessing you’re ready to enjoy that backyard and soak up some sun.However, before you can do that, first you’ve got to make your outdoor space something you can actually relax in.Turning your current outdoor space into the oasis of your dreams is not an easy task.We consulted some experts to get insider info on how to make your backyard your favorite spot this summer, without spending all your savings.1. Make SpaceBefore you start picking out how


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