10 tips to get your home ready for holiday guests

Is your home about to transform into a guest inn for family members and friends during the holiday season? Or, are you hosting guests for a big holiday dinner?Either way, you’ll want to get your home in tip-top shape so that it’s guest-ready from now until New Year’s. (The bonus? You’ll start 2018 off with a more organized home, giving you a jumpstart on those resolutions).Here’s expert tips to get your home guest-ready for the holidays.1. Enlist ClosetboxClosetbox is here to help you make room

How to make room for the holidays with Closetbox

Santa has his elves. You? You’ve got Closetbox helpers to lend an assist this holiday season. Whether you need to trade out pumpkins for evergreen boughs to deck the halls or you need to clear out space to make a pop-up guest bedroom, we’re here to help with holiday storage this season. “Closetbox is on a mission to help make room for the holidays in the easiest way possible,” says Travis Henry, senior director of marketing and communications. “We don’t want you to be thinking about storage. We

9 easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas

While turkey is typically the main attraction, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without an artfully decorated table and home for celebrating with family and friends.If you don't have time to scour Pinterest for the latest Thanksgiving decorating trends (and honestly, who does?), don't worry — we chatted with a handful of interior decorators to give you these nine easy and beautiful Thanksgiving table and home decorating ideas. Your kids will love getting in on the decorating action, too!1. Tha


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