The best temporary housing options

Here, in the United States, we’re a mobile bunch. In fact, a study from Gallup found people in the United States are moving around more than those in other countries. About a quarter of U.S. adults reported moving within the country in the past five years. (That compares to about 9 percent in the European Union, according to the report).We’re pursuing new careers. We’re crossing the country for college. (And, last year was a banner year for international student enrollment, with more than 1 mill

How to score cheap fall sports equipment

It's almost fall and you know what that means.Football!... Or hockey. Maybe soccer? Golf?  According to a 2017 poll, there are over 36 million kids that participate in organized sports annually. Fall sports can mean shelling out a lot of money for gear: football helmets, soccer cleats, hockey sticks, a new putter, etc. Here are some tips from experts who shared some fabulous tips on how you can get fall sports equipment on the cheap.1. Buy used gearNew sports gear does not come cheap. And for yo

9 eco-friendly moving and storage tips

When your house is a mess of scattered moving boxes, the environment is probably the last thing on your mind.But it’s simpler than you might think to make moving into a new home or storing your belongings a little easier on the planet. As an added bonus, many of these tips and tricks can also help you save a little bit of green—as in, the kind you find in your wallet.We chatted with a handful of sustainability experts to learn some of their environmentally friendly moving and storage methods. He