4 Ways Closetbox Can Help New Parents

New parents often experience an unexpected difficulty when they welcome a new bundle of joy: the sheer amount of “stuff” that comes along with the baby. Not only will the baby need a bedroom of its own, it will also slowly take over the rest of the house. Cleaning out your home is a time-consuming process, and you don’t always want to get rid of everything. By using Closetbox, however, you can reclaim space in your home and keep those items handy for when you need them again.

Store the items that the baby gear displaces. A coffee table is a great addition to your living room, but not when you need the space for a saucer or walking toy. When that little bundle of joy starts crawling and walking, the coffee table will be even more in the way–but within a few short years, you’ll have plenty of room for it again. You may also find yourself needing to shift around furniture to make room for a rocking chair or glider, make room for a high chair, or take care of other important storage needs. With Closetbox, when you’re ready to use those items again, they’re easy to access–and you won’t have to worry about replacing them. 

Store baby gear you aren’t using yet. There’s a different set of gear for each stage of baby’s development. Instead of cramming your house full of all of that gear, why not consider storing it in a safe place where you can access it when your baby reaches those new stages of development? You may also decide that you want to keep that gear after the baby outgrows it, especially if you or someone you love is planning to have another baby sometime soon. Closetbox is the perfect place to store as many of those items as you’d like. 

Clean out the spare closet. In many homes, the closet in the spare room is really a location for overflow from the closet in the master bedroom. Even if you have a walk-in closet, somehow, it seems as though you never have enough space! Instead of struggling with what items really need to be removed, consider swapping your clothes out by the season. Allow Closetbox to take the off-season clothes, then return them and take the clothes for this season when the weather changes. It’s the easiest way to manage the new demands of your space.

Tuck away clothes for later. If this is your first child, you will be astounded by how many clothes you receive for your child. Your family and friends will buy plenty of clothes. You’ll buy tons of adorable little sleepers that you simply can’t pass up. Then there are the hand-me-downs: people that you don’t even know very well will eagerly pass on their used baby clothes. Many of these clothes are so gently used that you won’t even be able to tell that they’ve been worn, because babies grow fast! In their first year, the average baby will go through four or five different sizes of clothes: newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months. Some grow faster, going through even more sizes. What are you supposed to do with all of those clothes? With Closetbox, you can store the sizes your baby isn’t yet able to wear while keeping only the size you need at home. If you want to save the clothes after they’re outgrown, they can go back in Closetbox storage until you’re ready to use them again!

At Closetbox, we understand all about the space that’s necessary when you have a new addition to your family. In fact, that’s where the concept of Closetbox began! Contact us today to learn more about how to remove those unnecessary items from your home and store them for later use. 


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