5 Ways Concierge Storage is a Perfect Fit for Seniors, Elderly

First, a quick introduction to our concierge-style self-storage: To get started, simply box up your smaller items, tell us how much stuff you’re looking to put into storage, and schedule your pickup. From there, we take care of loading, hauling, unloading, and itemizing each and every item you put into storage. In this way, we’re able to offer efficient tracking, return delivery, and exact storage pricing.

Closetbox is popular with all types of storage customers—residential and commercial, seasonal and long-term, young and old. That said, there are several common storage projects for seniors and the elderly that are better served with our concierge service model.


  • Easier Home Maintenance: A cluttered home is a home that’s harder to maintain. Whether you’re moving into a smaller home or trying to manage a larger one, the concierge storage from Closetbox is the ideal resource for your overflow items. Stop subjecting your joints to unnecessary abuse. Stop spending so much time maintaining your home, and find more time to enjoy actually living in it.


  • Home Staging: A cluttered home is also a home that’s harder to sell. Removing some portion of your belongings can help sell your home more quickly and for a better price. Still, many seniors don’t have the same strength and flexibility they used to. Often, family members don’t have a lot of spare time, either. Choose a concierge-style self-storage company like Closetbox, and get your home on the market twice as fast with a fraction of the aches, pains, headaches, and hassle.  


  • Delivery for Special Occasions: Here’s a big one that sets Closetbox apart from traditional self-storage companies. Putting your belongings into storage doesn’t have to mean you never see them again. Maybe it’s a rare visit from an old friend, or maybe it’s a significant birthday or anniversary. With our online dashboard, you can use our return delivery with the push of a button and generally expect to receive your items within 24 hours. Or let us know the date of your event ahead of item. And when it’s time to put the item(s) back into storage, our initial pickup service is always free.


  • Keeping Estate Property Safe: No matter how careful and responsible your retirement community seems, the sad fact is that the elderly are a common target of property theft. It’s also a sad fact that relatives are the most common offender. But with or without malicious intent, family members can’t always be trusted to keep your valuables safe. Sometimes, who an item is ultimately intended isn’t ready to receive it yet, but other family members don’t want the burden. We’re not a financial institution, but we can secure the personal property portion of your estate. (Closetbox is already bonded and insured, but we also offer Valuables Coverage as optional coverage for your high-dollar items.)


  • Affordable Convenience: As much as we pride ourselves on establishing a new standard of convenience and customer service for self-storage solutions, we recognize that few people can justify the costs of “full-service,” luxury-minded storage companies. With our exact storage pricing, we never ask you to pay for more storage than you use. This allows us to offer competitive storage rates. Moreover, whether it’s down-sizing your home or clearing space to make room for a fun and inexpensive new hobby, taking advantage of Closetbox storage frequently dovetails with tips for living on a fixed income, or simply being smart with your retirement savings.


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