Is Tiny Apartment Living Right for You? Get Your Answer Here

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or online forum, a lot of people are hearing stories about the advantages of living in a tiny apartment community and asking themselves the question: Is tiny apartment living right for them? We wanted to help people answer this question, no matter what the right answer is for them. Yet, before you can begin to know the right answer for yourself, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what tiny apartment living is. What is Tiny Apartment

Find the Spring Cleaning Tips that Speak to You

Spring cleaning is as much seasonal rite as home maintenance. Whether you picked your weekend a month ahead of time or you randomly find time one Saturday, spring cleaning tends to find its way onto most people’s schedule. Even if it’s just an extra couple hours cleaning around the house, you want to be able to pronounce with the rest of your friends and neighbors, with an unmistakable satisfaction, that, yes, indeed, “Spring has arrived!” It’s a Love/Hate ThingSpring has the in

Trash or Stash: The Closetbox Decision Grid

There's something you should know about us: we talk to every customer on the phone. At least as of Spring 2017. The reason we go manual is because we need to know what you are looking to store and how much of it, so that we can send the right size truck and be sure we have space in our warehouse. At the traditional self-storage companies, they don't need to know—nor will they ask—what you are storing. Select your size, pay your fare, here's your key…off you go.Something that we are often in