Brainstorm Ideas for Starting a Collection

The new season got you in a funk? Are you an empty nester looking for a new hobby? Looking for a fun way to invest some of your money in a collection of hard assets, perhaps as a hedge against inflation and to balance out a portfolio of more conventional financial products. There is no shortage of reasons why you may be looking to start a personal collection. Here are several different themes that can help you brainstorm a great idea for your collection.


Notable Collections and Collectors to Start Your Search


  • What Famous People Collect: Wondering what people collect who are already have the kind of fame that they don’t need any ice-breakers for dinner parties and other social gatherings? Wondering what a favorite celebrity of yours collects? From George Clooney’s motorcycles to Robin Leach’s marine paperweights, check out this list of celebrities and their collections.


  • Art Collections for Rich People Collect: Got a little extra money to play around with and a long-standing passion for art? Art collecting can be exciting, personally rewarding, and with a little luck, financially lucrative. Have some wall space and a desire to make your wall hangings every bit as unique and charming as the rest of your home. Check out this list of famous art collectors.


  • Famous Jewelry Collections: Art appreciation and the uncertainty of art appraisals not your thing? Looking for something that’s a little more inside the box? There is no such thing as a risk-free investment, even with hard assets, but a jewelry collection and precious stones and metals in general continue to be one of the most popular combinations for personal collections and financial wealth.


Things that are Fun to Collect


  • Typewriters and Collector Expertise: Looking for something more original than, say, stamps or baseball cards? Check out these collections that have a made a name for themselves along the way.


  • Globes and Snow Globes: An oldie but a goodie. Here’s a quick write-up about the traditional snow globes, but you might also collect world globes or even galaxy globes, typically rendered in cutting-edge glass technologies.


  • Daleks and Whatnot: Looking for something really out of the ordinary? Trying to gauge just how hard it is to find something that truly nobody else collects? Simply wondering at this point what a dalek is? Check out this list of oddball collections.


  • Comprehensive Lists of Common Collections: Trying to find even more ideas? After all, there is no end to the number of things you might choose to collect. Find more lists and ideas for collections here and here.


Just as there is no shortage of situations that can serve as the catalyst that starts a collection, there are many different ways to grow, display, store, protect, and divest a collection. Many can be displayed on the walls and cabinet displays in your home. Others can be kept in basement and garage spaces. Some are sent out on loan to a local museum or exhibit space. Some are put into a secure and reliable storage facility like Closetbox.

Often, it can seem like the most meaningful collections aren’t the ones you choose out of the blue, but instead seem to be chosen for you out of personal circumstance. Got something in mind and looking for tips about how to safely store your collection of items? Has your collection grown larger than its display space and need to implement a rotating schedule of your favorite pieces? Let us know. We have plenty of storage tips and knowledge to offer.