Closetbox offering free storage and pickup in Houston

Closetbox is offering a month’s free full-service storage, including free home pickup, for residents in Houston as the city begins to rebound after Hurricane Harvey.

Houston residents can schedule their pickup date by visiting the Houston Closetbox page here: and using the referral code: HOUSTON.

The offer, open to new customers, is good through October 15 and is subject to our available capacity.

“We are proud to be part of the Houston community and help in any small way we can to make life a little easier for residents who were affected by the storm,” Closetbox CEO Marcus J. Mollmann said. ““We will do everything we can to serve as many people as possible.”

Closetbox is a full-service storage company that picks up customers’ belongings in their home and moves them to a customer’s own private vault in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse where they are safely stored.

Using a digital inventory system, customers can select which items they want back and have Closetbox return the items on-demand, often within 48 hours.  Customers only pay for what they store.

Closetbox is also closely monitoring the events and belongings of customers in Florida.

Currently, Closetbox facilities in Florida are secure and being monitored 24 hours a day.Closetbox will provide any updates as they become available.


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