Companies Changing Their Industry, Bringing Services to You

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Our sole purpose as a company is to make self-storage less of a hassle. And that hassle is pretty much everything between your floor and the roll-down door. (Rhyming. Boom.) Once you pick up a box or a chair, everything gets more terrible, so our aim is to bring storage to you: Pick up your stuff for free, store it securely, and return anything on demand. We are Nationwide now. You dig?

We had a thunderbolt recently, realizing that we were standing on the shoulders of the giants who had taught us (and many others) how to see the world and its day-to-day aggravations differently. We wanted to pay respects to those who broke through for us and alert everyone to some other cool concepts that should be on your radar.

Here We Come

First, we have to start with the original visionary: pizza delivery. Many of us have grown up in a world where pizza delivery already existed. What a wonderful world. But it was Domino’s, way back in the 60s, that proved we would all just totally love this. The pizza industry hasn’t looked back. (Shout out to all the local Chinese/Thai delivery that have been keeping us full for some time.)


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During the first internet boom, Amazon brought all stores to your door. Soon robots will come knocking. Yes, they ruined small businesses everywhere. Dang it so much. But you know you still use them constantly.



Then came Netflix: Maybe you’ve heard of them. Over a decade ago, we stopped going to DVD stores (sorry Blockbuster) and wandering aimlessly for a good movie because NF shipped them right to our mailboxes. Now, we don’t even mess with the mail and binge-stream on the regular. This got people thinking about how to bring their products to you instead of the other way around.


lyft logo


Fast forward to Lyft: God bless ’em. They brought the cabs to us. It was one thing to eliminate figuring out where the cabs were, but it was a whole other to reduce drunk drivers and not mess with parking and just get across town way more efficiently. All from your phone, while having deep respect for their drivers. Good job, guys.


Most of the game-changers have to do with food. Merica. We are totally fine with that, but we’ll have some non-food stuff along later.


Supperbell logo

Supperbell: A Denver company, just like us, that makes meals fresh every morning, delivered to your doorstep before dinner, and you just heat them up. Order by 3pm for same day meals. Healthy, too.


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From the Farmer: This CSA is to local to the D.C. metro area. They deliver meats, cheeses, and breads along with the standard fruits and veggies. Subscription model starting at $29/month or shop their market. It’s your life.


Winder Farms logo

Winder Farms: What started as a milkman service long ago now offers pretty much the entire grocery store to homes across Utah, Nevada, and California. Still best known for their award-winning dairy products.


Instacart logo


InstaCart: Currently operating in 15 cities around the country, primarily a grocery delivery service, but they don’t stop there. They partner with a long list of major grocers and retailers (Whole Foods, Costco, Target, Petco, etc.) and deliver a wide range of consumer goods. The Costco line on the weekends. Think about that.


Peapod logo


Peapod: Get groceries delivered to your front porch from Stop & Shop, Giant Food, and Giant Food Stores. Available in 24 markets throughout the Midwest, New England, and Atlantic Coast.


The Produce Box logo


The Produce Box: This North Carolina company works with local farmers to deliver groceries to most areas in the state. Fruits and veggies, of course, but they also have artisans who provide meats, cheeses, and breads.


Green Chef logo


Green Chef: Green Chef delivers to your doorstep organic, sustainably sourced ingredients you need for any number of their great, easy-to-follow recipes. Vegan? No problem. Paleo? They’ve got you set. Get the same results as a professional chef in a fraction of the price, time, or hassle.


Whew. Okay. Enough food. We’d mention Uber Eats, but at this point, we’re stuffed.


Not Food

DrinkUpNY Logo


DrinkUpNY: The liquor store now comes to your door. Great prices, too. Available to ship to 30 states. Wine and every spirit you can imagine. We suggest the alcohol.



eBags: Bags at your door. You know with a name like eBags they have stood the test of time. They deliver pretty much every kind of bag. Luggage. Backpacks. Hand bags. Laptop totes. Golf bags. Bowling bags. Just needed to say bags one more time. Bags.



Lessons in Your Home: Music teachers coming to your home or school isn’t exactly new, but Lessons in Your Home takes the next step with an online marketplace. Available in nine major US cities. Including Denver.



Zeel: Same-day, in-home massage from licensed and vetted massage therapists. Available in as little as an hour with plenty of options for personalization. Nothing too cutting edge, but the marketplace and the app is a recent advance. Currently in 40 cities.



Safelite AutoGlass: Windshield replacement and auto glass repair that comes right to your home or business. Watch them fix your auto glass from your window. Available nationwide to about 97% of all US drivers.


Lightning Round

Stitch Fix & Trunk Club: Personal stylists develop clothes perfectly for you and mail them to your sweet pad.

Mobile Pet Grooming: Too many to mention, but they are no doubt in your city.

Diaper Delivery: Also tons of these, from cloth to Huggies, delivered right to your crib.


As Jeremy Abel from rDialague once said about this new world of business: “I literally don’t have to get up to do anything.” We’re okay with that.

Are we missing any? Write and let us know. We’ll put it up here and create a sweet list for everyone who likes convenience.

Marcus Pickett, Closetbox