Declutter Now as Part of Your Buffer against Autumn Anxiety

Did you know that the end of August/beginning of September is high tide for anxiety? Maybe it has something to do with seasonal allergies, the changing leaves, or the dwindling window for daylight hours. If you’re prone to this type of anxiety—and you’re not alone—it may feel like it’s all of these things and more.

Your living space may have become increasingly cluttered for several months, or even years, but it’s during autumn’s anxiety in which your cramped environment can take its greatest toll on your well-being. Decluttering can, in fact, create a buffer against anxiety and depression. 


Triggering Anxiety, Coping with Anxiety, and Living with Clutter

Clutter can contribute to your anxiety, but in some cases, it can also cover it up. While most people feel better when they declutter their living space, some people feel worse. As in they have a serious freak out about the potential loss of their belongings. This latent anxiety can go many months or even years without being confronted directly. Some feelings of anxiety may be a rational response to a previous experience with a conventional self-storage company.

Or you may have signed up to help your friend or family member declutter their living space, only to walk into major drama. Rather than forcing someone to do something they can’t or don’t want to do, rather than leaving the clutter as is and ignoring the problem, it may time to suggest to the person that they talk about their anxiety with someone who can understand what you’re going through.


Know Yourself, Know Your Professional

Decluttering can have a substantial positive impact on your overall well-being, and Closetbox is proud to offer a more plausible solution for convenient and sensibly-priced storage units. But take it from us, there’s a big difference between social media marketing, better storage solutions, and licensed mental health professionals. If you’re experiencing overwhelming, uncontrollable anxiety for any length of time or if you’re unable to deal with extreme clutter in even the most basic ways, then your first step should be to contact a licensed mental health therapist.

Decluttering is likely still worth doing regardless, and everybody appreciates our complimentary pickup service. (Nobody at Closetbox is going to ask about your mental health status or medical history.) We simply recommend that, if you believe you’re in serious distress, you take on these anxiety-related storage projects with the added perspective of a licensed, mental health therapist.



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