Everything You Need to Know about Spring Cleaning in Baltimore

Spring cleaning varies greatly by region. As a result, you might expect cities with more extreme climates—Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, etc—to warrant special, idiosyncratic cleaning services. Though this is true, cities with more mild climates also need special cleaning care. We spoke with Courtney Sunborn, founder and owner of Ecolistic Cleaning, about spring cleaning and decluttering in the Baltimore area.


Baltimore Cleaning—What You Should Know

Baltimore residents should keep a few things in mind when searching for a professional cleaning service. “In Baltimore, we’ve found that it is ideal to wait to perform a spring cleaning until after the pollen has come and gone,” Sunborn explained. This will push your calendar past the typical spring cleaning months (often into late April and early May), but it will help your cleaning to be as thorough as possible. Additionally, Baltimore residents should keep their home style and age in mind when scheduling a cleaning; per Sunborn, “At Ecolistic Cleaning, we clean every type of home in Baltimore. However, the homes requiring special care are the older rowhouses from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.”

Baltimore is a relatively young, hard-working city. This characteristic shows itself through cleaning habits. Sunbord said, “Our Baltimore clients are usually working couples who don’t have enough time to do the cleaning themselves.” Thus, many Baltimore residents already have a fairly regular professional cleaning service. This is certainly true of Ecolistic’s clients. “Not many of Ecolistic’s routine cleaning clients request spring cleanings, but that may be because our Signature Service is relatively thorough!” If you already receive regular cleanings, you might want to request additional services not typically included in your routine clean. This will provide you with a refreshed, clean home regardless of your normal cleaning habits.


How Can You Make Your Cleaner’s Job Easier?

Your professional cleaner will greatly appreciate any effort to tidy the home before your scheduled appointment. However, this doesn’t happen as often as you might think. “Unfortunately,” Sunborn began, “many clients forget to ‘clean before the cleaners.’ When our Natural Cleaning Specialists spend time moving clients belongings so we can clean an area, we have less time to actually clean.” The less work your cleaners put into tidying, the more time they can spend tackling winter dirt and grime.

Sunborn understands this seemingly nonsensical practice: “It may seem counterintuitive to spend an hour or two tidying up the house for the cleaning crew. But, in order to thoroughly vacuum floors and get under the furniture, we need floors free of clutter. Similarly, to thoroughly clean the kitchen sink, it needs to be free of dirty dishes.” Though it may seem bothersome to clean in advance, Sunborn believes in its worth: “Cleaning for the cleaners is well-worth it. Working together with your cleaning crew allows your house to have a routine ‘reset.’ A clean and tidy home can do wonders for one’s peace of mind.”

Can’t seem to declutter the house on your own? Sunborn had a word of advice: “Decluttering is a labor of love. It takes commitment and dedication. At Ecolistic Cleaning, we recommend the Konmari Method of organizing.” If you still find yourself struggling to get organized, Ecolistic will soon be offering professional organizational services in addition to routine cleaning.


Need a Baltimore Cleaning Service? Consider Ecolistic

“Ecolistic Cleaning is a specialty cleaning company,” Sunborn explained. “We not only use all non-toxic cleaning products, but also because we pay living wages to all our Natural Cleaning Specialists.” With Ecolistic Cleaning, you’ll get a thorough, professional clean while feeling good about your choice. “Clients appreciate our commitment to protecting the environment with our dedication to recycling and minimizing our waste,” Sunborn elaborated. If you’re in the market for a commercial spring cleaning, Ecolistic can still help you out: “Ecolistic Cleaning offers office cleanings as well. Many offices who use us are applying to be certified as a LEED facility. Using a green cleaning service helps businesses attain a LEED certification.”


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