Featured Cities and Popular Projects for Apartment-Based Storage

We were taking a look at RENTCafe’s recent analysis of average apartment size in cities around the U.S., and it got us thinking about what this apartment sizing means for residential storage. Often times, it’s not just the size of your living space, but a handful of personal and professional factors that play themselves out in specific ways. Here are some of the popular apartment-based storage requests we get from cities across the country:


  1. Military Service in Atlanta, GA: Atlanta has the largest sized apartments, on average, in the entire country. It also has among the highest rates of enlistment for military service. If a loved one is away on a military deployment, what seemed like the perfect two-bedroom apartment may now seem unbelievably empty. Temporarily remove some portion of rarely used belongings to create a new personal hobby space in your apartment. And ask about our discount for military families when you reserve your storage space.


  1. Large and Growing Families in San Bernardino, CA: Much of this region has a trifecta of high birth rates, larger household size, and smaller apartment spaces. Still, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with clutter or choose to get rid of some of your cherished belongings. Find a storage solution until your eldest moves out or until you can afford a bigger place. In the meantime, know you’re not alone in dealing with limited square footage in your apartment.


  1. Travel and Hospitality Careers in Hialeah, FL: With the city’s supply of smaller apartment units and its proximity to the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport, a lot of Hialeah residents work for the cruise line or airline industries. With this heavy dose of travel, many people also look to save on living costs with a shared living arrangement, crash pad, or even living rent-free for a period of time. Look to save on rent by using a smart storage solution.


  1. Summer Storage in Raleigh, NC: Raleigh has larger than average apartment unit sizes. As much as you may have enjoyed your apartment during the school year, it’s harder to justify paying the apartment rent over the summer, especially if you’re moving into a new place next academic year. Likewise, the main component of your research project may be scheduled for the fall but already accruing materials and supplies throughout the spring. They don’t call this area Research Triangle for nothing.


  1. Cozy Living Spaces in Newark, NJ: Here’s another area where the average household size is significantly higher than the national average, but the average apartment size is significantly smaller. This is especially true of two-bedroom apartments. Studio apartment sizes are actually more in line with the national average, but then they come with their own storage space challenges.


Storage Needs for Any Size Apartment

The truth is no matter where you live, you may have an apartment-based project: Make a large two-bedroom apartment work for your young family of four, until you can afford to move into a bigger space. Find a way to afford living in the heart of your favorite city with a more modest apartment choice. Recreate the open, clutter-free vibe you loved when you first moved into your loft apartment space.

Whatever your storage needs, find a smarter solution for your living space with Closetbox.