Moving into the City? Find Your Dream Home in Historic Boston

Whether you’re from Massachusetts or California, moving to Boston is often a great choice. The city, full of young professionals and veteran entrepreneurs alike, has a vibrant colonial history and endless cultural opportunities. However, choosing real estate in Boston can be tough. The city’s median rent increases every year, and there are currently more people searching for homes than there are sellers.

Thus, when you move to Boston, it’s especially important to have a list of requirements for your future home. We spoke with Steven Cohen of Steven Cohen Team, about the Boston real estate market, as well as some amenities you may want to consider when moving to this beautiful New England city.


What to Look for in Boston Real Estate

Your Boston dream home may require everything from a vibrant neighborhood to accessible parking. Cohen elaborated: “The South End attracts young professionals and empty-nesters. The great restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and culture in general attract the types of people who enjoy city life.” He continued, saying that, “Elevator buildings with underground garage parking are particularly attractive to older people who are moving back into the city.”

Regarding what homebuyers look for in Boston property, Cohen says that most are looking for homes with a Victorian charm. However, modern amenities, such as central air conditioning, garage parking, high-end kitchens, stone baths, and private outdoor space, are nearly equally important.


Older Homes with a Modern Flair

Boston has some of the oldest real estate in the country. In fact, many people live in homes that were built in the early 19th century, and some homes date to the late 18th century. When moving into one of these older homes, you might want to take a few things into consideration. “Most of the row houses in the South End dating from the 19th century have been regularly updated and cared for over the years,” Cohen said, “So, while the exterior shell may be over 100 years old, the interiors, systems, etc. are much newer.” For some buyers, this might provide relief. Taking care of an aging building can be a hassle, but having modern amenities makes the process much easier.


Storage for Boston Houses

Though these old homes may seem perfect, they often lack one thing: storage space. “Closet space is often less than ideal in the South End homes that can be valued at $1000/square foot,” Cohen explained. “Homes with extra storage, like a basement or private storage locker, are desirable.” If you find that your dream home has less storage space than you expected, don’t worry—Cohen admits that this happens often. “Some people who move into the neighborhood from a 6000-8000 square foot house are renting storage or selling half of their belongings in order to fit into smaller spaces.”

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