Get Help with Your Clutter from this Professional Organizer in Boston

Professional organizing is more accessible than ever. Originally developed to help individuals and businesses declutter, this industry is beginning to gain traction in a world of busy workaholics. Whether you need some help cleaning up after the long winter months or want to build healthy clutter habits, you may want to consider hiring a professional.

As part of the storage resources we provide our Boston customers, we wanted to help people understand the value of professional organizing. We spoke with Sarah Buckwalter of Organizing Boston, named Best Professional Organizer in Best of Boston Home in 2014, about what professional organizing has to offer.


Is an Organizer Right for You?

Everybody knows decluttering is an inevitable part of the spring cleaning process. Buckwalter confirmed that spring is their most popular season for organizing: “The air is warmer, the sun is brighter, and this motivates us to want to clear out the old and make everything fresh and new again.” However, hiring a professional organizer might transcend the goal of spring cleaning: “It is also when many people put their house on the market and prepare to move.”

Though organizers differ in approach, they offer similar services for a similar clientele. “At Organizing Boston,” Buckwalter explained, “we primarily work with busy professionals and families in their homes. Often, people will hire us when they get to a point of being overwhelmed and need some help getting things back on track.” If you’re beginning to feel the weight of your winter clutter, you’re not alone. Hiring a professional organizer is a strategic and worthwhile approach to mitigating your mess. Moreover, organizers are useful in various situations. “We often work with people through life transitions, like downsizing, moving, or having a baby. But, we also work with people who just want some help getting organized.”


What Can an Organizer Do?

“We take a hands-on approach, working to declutter and set up organizing systems that are customized to the client’s space and needs,” Buckwalter explained. Your professional organizer should tailor their method to your individual needs; if a business tries to offer a ‘one-solution-fits-all’ approach, they might not be right for you. “Every client is different, so we put together an approach specifically for them. Some clients want us to do it all for them, and some clients want to work with us and learn the process as we go,” Buckwalter said. Before contacting an organizer, it helps to understand the role you want to take in this process—whether you want to oversee every detail or let the professionals take the reins.

Additionally, it is essential to hire an experienced organizer. “We have over 17 years of experience organizing countless different situations all over the Boston area,” Buckwalter said. “This experience helps us to determine where the organizational issues are coming from and to take the best approach for the client.” Experience goes hand-in-hand with personalization. If your organizer has been in the business for a few years, you can rest assured they’ll understand the best strategy to address your project.

When it comes to services, professional organizers do it all: “We can help with just about any organizing challenge. We can organize one room, or transform an entire home. Clients will often have tried to get themselves organized, but they may have not chosen the best solutions and have difficulty maintaining the system. Setting up custom systems that are effective and teaching the organizing process are ways we can help clients who have not been able to get or stay organized on their own.”


Need a Boston-Area Organizer? Organizing Boston is Here to Help

Regardless of your project’s nature, Organizing Boston can help you out. They can do anything from downsizing to re-organizing your apartment. “Right now, we are working on a large project helping an elderly man clear out his entire home, as he is downsizing and moving into assisted living,” Buckwalter articulated. “We are selling, donating, and recycling unwanted items, as well as packing up items to send to family members.”

She also told us that, among their current projects, Organizing Boston is helping a family of five declutter to make their home market-ready. Are you looking to revamp or create a home office? They can also help transform that extra bedroom into a professional workspace. “We can help with any organizing project, big or small. Our goal is to create a comfortable and functional home, so our clients can spend their time enjoying life.”


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