Having Problems Moving? So are the San Diego Chargers

San Diego and Los Angeles moving companies are boycotting the Chargers move to LA. The campaign was started by HireAHelper and continues to gain momentum as something of a last-ditch effort to keep the team from moving. If you’re ever been part of a football team at nearly any level, you know how much equipment goes into the game. An NFL team, meanwhile, also has tons of office supplies, promotional materials, and extra player equipment.

An organization with the resources of an NFL franchise is likely going to find a way to move their essential team equipment, but that doesn’t mean that we have to help. Closetbox is throwing its support behind this growing list of moving companies that have pledged to not help the San Diego Chargers move to LA.


Chargers- and NFL-Related Moving and Storage


  • Even if you keep your vow to never root for the LA team, you may still cherish the tickets, shirt, hat, or cup from the first time you went to a game as a little kid with your dad or grandpa. No decisions by the owner, the city, or the league can take away from the greatness of what Junior Seau did on the football field. Your loyalty to the team may be irreparably harmed, but that doesn’t mean the memories of past games and retired players are destroyed as well.


  • A lot of fans are pitching or burning their Chargers gear. One item we’d hang onto? That Joey Bosa jersey. The defensive end had double-digit sacks in his rookie year and looks to have a promising career ahead of him with comparisons to the indomitable J.J. Watt. (Today, a signed Johnny Unitas jersey may be worth thousands of dollars, even though the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984.)


  • It’s not just NFL teams that have extensive moving needs. Individual players are seemingly moving all the time. The average length of an NFL career for all draft picks is only 3 years. If you’re on the opening day roster as a rookie, that number jumps up to about 6.5 years. However, if you’re good enough to stay in the league that long, you’re also more likely to play for multiple teams during your career. There are almost 450 players who are free agents going into the 2017 season.


Closetbox Knows Who We Are

We’re a storage business that’s developed a way for people to get the convenience of full-service storage at a price that competes with self-storage units. It’s like paying Tom Brady as a 6th round draft pick and getting the quarterback who’s widely considered the G.O.A.T. You don’t need to tell us that the NFL is a business. But as the steward of a sport that is deeply interwoven within the fabric of American culture, the NFL isn’t just a business, either.

Closetbox gets it. We provide great storage solutions for households and small businesses across the country. Yet, we also know that many of our customers are getting married or going through a divorce, experiencing the stress of buying or selling a home, or raising kids and sending them off to college. No matter the city or sport, losing your hometown team sucks, and we’re not going to help Alex Spanos or the NFL do that to San Diego.


San Diego Moving Companies that Won’t Move the Chargers


LA Moving Companies that Won’t Move the Chargers


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