Thinking about Hiring a Professional Organizer in Austin? Here’s What You Can Expect

You may believe that clutter and organizational issues are easily solved with a simple discarding of excess items. Yet, when you actually go to take the project on, you realize how hard it can be to determine what’s the good kind of weird and the not-so-good kind in terms of hanging on to your possessions. Often, in an attempt to declutter the home, people will put their unused items in storage units—out of sight, out of mind, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. While putting seasonal and excess items into a storage unit is often a great strategy, doing this for every single item becomes little more than an expensive way to sweep your bad habits under the rug. A better plan to tackle home disorganization is to hire a professional to help. Whether or not they end up suggesting our Austin storage unit, you can get the help you need to tackle this important project. We spoke with Layne Brookshire, founder of Ms. Placed Pro Organizing, about professional organizing in the greater Austin area.


What this Austin Professional Organizer has to Offer

Hiring a professional organizer helps individuals reclaim spaces overrun by accumulating clutter. “My clients are driven by the desire to take back control of their spaces,” Brookshire explains. “They need someone to relieve their lives, spaces, and schedules of the tasks/stressors they don’t have the time and energy for so they can focus on the details of their life that require their attention.” You have to develop a level of trust with your organizer. For her part, in working to build this relationship with her clients, Brookshire will “fully commit to learning their spaces and lifestyle so I can implement systems that are unique to their specific needs.”

When it comes to what clients want from a professional organizer, the scope is broad. Most of Brookshire’s clients want a full-service decluttering experience: “I work with clients that are looking for a seamless luxury home organizing service that will take care of every detail from a full overhaul to maintenance visits that keep the home spaces in great shape.” While some organizers provide a simple decluttering session, Ms. Placed Pro Organizing can provide results well beyond a surface clean. She maintains relationships with a wide network of professionals who can provide extra help for your project. “I work with custom closet designers, interior designers, and general contractors to create the exact space you envision for your life, and I can even help you figure that out—if you need guidance. I’ve recently tapped into renovation and design for several of my clients.”


When’s the Best Time to Organize?

In some cases, a few select seasons or months may be the most beneficial times for hiring an organizer. For sure, different services become popular during different times of the year. In Brookshire’s experience, “The idea of ‘getting organized’ is definitely more popular when people are setting new year’s resolutions, considering annual spring cleaning tasks, or preparing for a move. Business may consist of more ‘overhaul projects’ on the front end of the year with clients who are motivated to work on large projects (typically spaces they have put off for some time and will take more time than a closet organizing gig). After I’ve worked with clients on paring down belongings, they are motivated to reward themselves and their spaces with design makeovers that contribute to overall storage and functionality.” This, she explains, generally happens later in the year.


Keep it You but Keep it Organized—by Establishing Trust

Organizers have varying approaches to their work. Brookshire tells us that, while every client is unique, her process is always the same: “The way it plays out will vary from client to client depending on many factors, like their needs, timeline, sensitivities, and budget.” To begin a project, Brookshire conducts a thorough, at-home consultation, which includes a walk-through of the space and an in-depth discussion of day-to-day activities. “During the consult, we talk about challenges they face in each space and also prioritize their needs. For me, learning someone’s home is the most intimate way of getting to know an individual. I work towards establishing trust from the very first interaction.”

Establishing this trust should happen early on in the process, especially when dealing with belongings and activities that carry an emotional weight. Brookshire explains, “I want to be intentional with every item and check in regularly with my client to see how she is feeling and adjust if needed to make sure I am meeting her needs. Organizing can be a very light-hearted task for some, and for others, an emotionally draining one. I know that each client’s needs are unique and are directly related to their experiences.”

Brookshire’s practice involves several three-hour sessions in the home, each meeting focusing on a specific room or part of the house. She believes this is necessary for a graceful organizing experience: “[This process] leaves time for everything that comes with our schedules without turning your life and your home upside down.” If you want your project completed quickly, Brookshire has some helpful advice: “Leaving town for a vacation and want to come home to a clean and ordered space? Great time to call your organizer to take care of it while you are away, so you can come home feeling refreshed and reenergized knowing your space isn’t one more chore for you and your family.”


Beware of Underestimating the Challenge Ahead

When it comes to home organization, most people tend to address clutter with DIY solutions and projects. Here’s the problem: Too often, when trying to take on this frustrating task yourself, you give up before you see any real results. And by trying to do it yourself, you stand to miss out on crucial aid and assistance. “I think the biggest opportunity individuals stand to miss if they try to complete the organizing themselves is actually getting it done, without rushing or leaving the project space incomplete. Chances are, if you need an organizer, you are looking for someone to help you because you don’t have the time. Or maybe you need someone to help you because you don’t have the desire or motivation to do it yourself.”

Finding the time to organize your space is difficult, and these professionals have a carefully curated set of skills they can offer their clients. “For anyone seeking organizing services, I applaud your willingness to ask for help! Often, the problem is not that the client can’t organize the space themselves; it’s usually more that they just don’t want to. Our brains are all wired differently; mine happens to be wired for order. I find so much peace and clarity in a space that makes sense for functionality and I want to help others gain the same feeling in their lives and homes.”


Need an Austin Organizer? Ms. Placed Pro Organizing is Here to Help

If you’re in the market for an Austin professional organizer, Ms. Placed Pro Organizing is a great place to begin your search. “No matter how big or small your space or budget, there are always improvements that can be made to make your space work for you through systems, products, or custom design. When you work with Ms. Placed, you can expect a personal relationship built on trust to produce great spaces.” She left us with this thought: “Our spaces are one of a few things we have control over, and I love to help clients gain control of their spaces and not be owned by their ‘stuff.’”



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