How to Find a Great Space to Practice Yoga on Boston’s North Shore

Boston and the North Shore provide homes for thousands of local businesses. Alongside boutique restaurants and stores, independently-owned yoga studios are beginning to appear all over the state. We talked to Kristin Bucci, manager at Yoga Sakti in Salem, Massachusetts, which has been voted “Best Yoga Studio” in the North Shore five years in a row. We discussed the types of items she generally keeps on hand, her studio, and the yoga culture in this part of Massachusetts.


The Local Yoga Vibe is Spreading

Bucci noted that yoga in this part of Massachusetts has grown increasingly popular over the past decade: “Boston has had a really strong yoga community for many years, and it is finally becoming more mainstream in the suburban area where we reside. The market has become very competitive, and since we opened six years ago, there have been at least five studios within a 10-mile radius that have also opened.” This makes an important point: if you choose to practice yoga, you want to ensure you pick the best studio for you. This could mean anything from the location, the instructor, or the space itself.


Supplies to Keep your Studio Running

Like all independent businesses, yoga studios carry a certain number of items to lend and sell. Bucci said that, as a small boutique fitness studio, Yoga Sakti’s supplies are abundant. She explained, “For yoga, we have yoga mats for rent or purchase. We also provide small hand towels, yoga blocks, blankets, and multiple size bolsters. We also carry water and snacks as well as several lines of yoga clothing.” Though a customer entering this studio may perceive it to be open and clutter-free, the business must keep a large amount of supplies on-hand and at the ready.


How to Create an Effective Yoga Space in a Studio—or at Home

Bucci briefly discussed with us the importance of space in a yoga studio. She elaborated, “Our studio is clean and spacious with high ceilings. We have installed barn doors to enclose the storage areas and keep the ‘uncluttered’ feel for the space. We don’t have mirrors, but a tasteful focal point at the front of the room.” Bucci’s brief mention of storage space is important to note. The clutter that might otherwise impede the creation of a relaxing, safe yoga studio is locked behind closed doors—large barn doors, for that matter. But what happens when you don’t have that extra space available? Whether you need to store extra yoga mats, fitness supplies, or surplus inventory for whichever lines of clothing you want to carry, Closetbox offers smart storage solutions for many kinds of small businesses.


Finish that Storage Project and De-Stress Your Life

Our Boston storage center also serves residents and homeowners. Personal projects can facilitate stress relief, and decluttering can also create a great space in your home to work on poses that are giving you trouble in class. Let us hold on to your valuables so you don’t have to lose a moment’s concentration worrying about the security of your household items while doing a sun salutation.

Or maybe you’re finished with your storage project and looking to treat yourself with a yoga class. “The body can store stress in myriad ways,” Bucci noted, “but the most common we see are tight hips and groins, partially from our sedentary lifestyles.” She also encourages locals to check out Yoga Sakti: “Our wellness center compliments our fitness classes by offering acupuncture, massage, hypnosis, and reiki sessions. We also offer workshops that combine yoga and fitness classes with our wellness services to further the client’s experience.”


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