Getting Neat with Knight: Miami Pro Organizer Shares Her Secrets

Miami is known for a lot of things. Great beaches, bad drivers, good music, and great food, among others. What it’s not known for is organization. Maybe it’s the non-stop Miami lifestyle, maybe it’s the fact that Miami is a cultural and recreational Mecca and there’s always “something better to do,” or maybe it’s the oppressive heat and humidity that have Miamians feeling a little scattered. Whatever the reason, the residents of Miami are turning more and more often to professional organizers like Tatiana Knight Casas to help them get control of their lives and their living spaces.


Professional Organizers Do It All in Miami

“Professional organizers help people to efficiently organize their space, as well as their time,” says Knight Casas, owner of her own professional organizing firm Neat with Knight, and a regular contributor to the television show Designing Spaces. And while pro-organizing often conjures up images of cluttered basements and packed garages, Tatiana notes that she works with a huge range of professional organizers in her role as Vice President of the Miami chapter of the National Pro Organizers Association (NAPO). “A lot are productivity experts, and specialize in the workplace,” she says, while others provide a wide range of services that include everything from digitizing paperwork, to planning and executing moves, to focusing on residential organizing needs. For her part, Knight Casas prefers the latter. “I focus on residential spaces,” she says. “I help you organize your space and make things look really nice. And I like to add a touch of design.”


Organizing for Life Changes in Miami

So who in Miami needs the help of professional organizers? Knight Casas says that certain demographics dominate her clientele. “My typical client is a woman, 30-60, usually well educated, sometimes a stay-at-home mom, sometimes a busy professional. Some were organized and don’t have the time, others were never organized and it’s been a consistent problem,” she says. And what they almost all have in common, besides a need for help getting organized, is some kind of life change, past, present, or future, that has prompted them to give Knight Casas a call. “Either they’re ready for change, or experiencing change,” she says. “They have a new baby, their kid is going to college, they’re getting married, and now they want to get back in control of things.”


What to Expect When You Call a Pro-Organizer

Calling a pro-organizer is the first step toward regaining that control. After that, it’s up to Knight Casas to figure out a plan to meet her clients’ needs. For Casas, that means getting to know her customer before she gets to work. “I talk on the phone to get an idea of what’s the problem they’re dealing with,” says Casas, “and we set an initial assessment appointment. I go see the space, learn their goals, get an idea of the problems we might face, and discuss budget. And then we set a plan for how to get it done.” If you’re looking for someone to come in and do all the dirty work for you, Knight Casas says think again. “For me, personally, I’m looking for clients who want to do it with me,” she says. The reason is two-fold. First, it allows her to get more work done in a shorter amount of time, and with projects that can range everywhere from a few hours to several days or weeks, that has a big impact on how far she can stretch the budget. Second, it’s about setting the client up for future success. The more she gets to know a client while they work, the more she is able to create a system for them that will help them stay organized once her clients are on their own.


Getting Organized Leads to Staying Organized

Regardless of the system, Knight Casas says that the key to getting organized boils down to a few simple principles. “There’s a lot of stuff that we do, but it starts with getting all of a client’s things together, and then finding a specific place where things go,” says Tatiana. She does encourage simplifying as a way to help organization, but she doesn’t necessarily embrace the purge mentality that many pro-organizers are known for. “When people hire an organizer, they think we’re going to come in and make people throw things away. That’s not what I do. If we come across something you don’t care about, fine. Let’s get rid of it,” she says. “Some people have a lot they’re ready to get rid of. But others are really attached to their stuff.” What is clear to her is that once you get organized, you’re going to have a better chance staying organized. “Once everything has a place, and is in its place, you’re on your way,” she says.


Organizer for Life

That said, Tatiana makes it a point to support her clients in the long term when it comes to staying organized. For some, that’s easy, like the family who stills calls her to check in and express their gratitude for transforming a walk-in closet that had degraded into a dumping ground for toys and clothes alike into a beautifully designed, functional space again. For others, she needs to be a little more proactive in providing that support. “I also follow up and I check on my clients to see if they need more help with a project, or if they’re ready for another project,” she says, noting how it’s not unusual for organizing to be contagious. Often her clients are so excited about getting organized in one area of their home that they’re soon ready to take on another. That’s fine with Tatiana, who knows that the relationships she builds are as important as the spaces she organizes. “When people hire me,” she says, “they get an organizer for life!”

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