DC to Denver: The Drive Across

We packed the rest of everything we owned into a Pack Rat container and our cool station wagon and headed west, young man.

What We Took With Us

We have a 2004 Volvo XC 70, which is a station wagon, because when we bought it we were thinking: we don’t have many cool points left, might as well kill off the rest. (This has actually been the best vehicle we have ever owned.) We took things that we didn’t want to leave in the container, nor trust to slide around during shipping and still be intact. On top of the car, I had a C1 Jensen marathon canoe and a 14′ handcrafted, wood strip canoe, made by a man in DC whom I absolutely worship, and once told me “if you’re lucky enough to be in a canoe, you’re lucky enough.” Damn right.

At one point we were lucky enough to be under a canoe, anxiously looking skyward through the sunroof to make sure the canoes were there, and they mostly were. Except for a scary bit during western Pennsylvania where the wood strip canoe slid all the way back and we almost lost it. From there, I ratched it down so tight that it never moved even a little. Put a small gouge in the gunnel from the ratchet strap that only I would notice, but it was acceptable insurance for the 1000+ miles we had in front of us.

But we had some whiskey that is pretty special, some original artwork from Todd Beer and Joe Turk, our wedding album, TVs, computers, and some go-bags of clothes.

We drove to Chicago and stayed with my wife’s brother, his wife, and our niece. We ate Honey Butter Friend Chicken, which is not to be missed, and watched everything our 18-month-old niece did.

We drove to essentially Iowa City on Friday night and stayed in the Best Western Canterbury Inn & Suites, which is just the kind of place you stay on cross-country road trips when you don’t book anything in advance. #2 Michigan was in town to play the Hawkeyes. As we fueled up in the morning, there were tons of Iowa fans already drinking and in a good mood. But they seemed like they were there for fellowship and not that they had any hopes of winning. But win they did. I don’t have a dog in that fight, but I’ll pull for an underdog.

We rolled into Denver around 800p on Saturday November 12. We had very little to unpack from our sweet Volvo. Then my wife left on Sunday to fly back to DC for another few weeks of work. The following day, I became a full-time, internal employee of Closetbox.

My wife was due back for Thanksgiving weekend. We were hoping our container would arrive on the Wednesday before so that we had all weekend to move it in. But we weren’t so lucky.

All told, the drive across cost:

  • $288.92 in fuel to drive across
  • $51.16 in food (just road food, not counting what we packed or ate in Chicago)
  • Lodging $268.00
  • Total 608.08

The rest is covered in Container Delivery and Storage


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