There’s Never a Bad Time for Using a Professional Organizer in Nashville

While some might see organization as a crucial part of the spring cleaning season, the services offered by a professional are valuable regardless of the time of year. Closetbox knows. Whether you’re moving, cleaning, remodeling, or otherwise making a major change to your living space, our Nashville storage is often part of the solution for any home projects. The skills of a professional organizer may also be necessary to realize these goals, especially without blowing up your schedule or actually losing that last nerve.

Sara Skillen, founder of SkillSet, shares some of her experience as a professional organizer in Nashville. “While certainly people get interested in organizing in the spring, I’m also surprised that my business picks up during the holidays. I’ve never really been able to predict how certain seasons will go, and I’ve been fortunate that people seem to want to organize with me year-round.”


Chronic or Situational—Which are You?

When asked about her typical clientele, Skillen can clearly articulate two types of people: “There are all kinds of reasons [people hire professional organizers], but they generally fall into two categories: Situational Disorganization that occurs due to a major life change (for example: moving, clearing out an estate, or starting a new business); and Chronic Disorganization due to brain differences like ADHD, a lack of organization growing up, or a physical disability that prevents the person from keeping up with their stuff.” She explains that, regardless of which camp the client falls into, they are often embarrassed by their own clutter. This is what drives them to contact a professional: “People often try to hide or ignore the organizational issues, but eventually, they’ve just had enough and need the extra support and accountability an organizer can offer.”


The Low-Stress, Low-Cost Organization Solution

When searching for a professional organizer, be sure to hire somebody who can address your specific needs. For Skillen, that group is broad: “I specialize in working with adults with ADHD, creatives, what I call ‘schedule challenged’ busy people, and small business owners.” Whether you have a unique lifestyle or idiosyncratic way of handling your belongings, there’s a professional who specializes in what you need.

Before hiring an organizer, you’ll likely receive a free consultation. This is especially important for establishing trust in the relationship. “I offer a free initial intake consultation before I work with clients to get as much information about their situation as possible, as well as to give them an opportunity to ask me questions,” Skillen explains. “Once we’re both comfortable that my services are a good fit for them, I customize the approach to their needs.”

“That said, I do teach certain systems for organizing so that they feel empowered to continue after I’m not there.” This is a crucial piece of the professional experience; if you don’t leave with the skills necessary to keep your space organized, you’ll end up in the same or similar position as when you started. It’s something that comes naturally to Skillen. “I have a background in education, so teaching organizing skills is important to me.”

Without a professional organizer, people risk wasting both time and money. “Lots of people think, ‘I should be able to do this myself’,” Skillen says. “My response is, ‘but why should you have to?’ A qualified organizer can help a client understand the best place to start in an overwhelming situation, offer support and accountability, and provide knowledge of the best resources for things like products, donations, appraisals, technologies—even contractors and handyman services.”

Organizers offer a trained but impartial set of eyes: “The organizer may see something right off the bat that’s easy to fix that a client has overlooked.” They can also understand and address popular coping methods for untrained clients. “Something else I see often is clients who tried to buy their way into being organized by purchasing bin, file systems, or other organizing gadgets before they actually worked with their stuff and determined what was truly needed.” The value of a professional is clear, and Skillen has the experience to back up her claims when she tells us, “Organizers ultimately save the client time, money, and stress with their expertise.”


Professional Organizing is Judgment-Free

During our conversation, we asked Skillen to articulate something she wished clients knew about her service. Her answer was unmistakably genuine. “I wish clients knew that I really don’t judge anything about their homes, businesses, or lives.” People like Skillen have curated a specific set of skills designed to address these types of lifestyle hiccups. “To me, it’s a puzzle, and I help them fit the pieces together,” she explains. “It can be scary for someone to reach out for help, and I don’t take their level of trust in me lightly.”

Thinking about making a career in organizing? If you live in the Nashville area, Skillen suggested an invaluable resource: “A great place to start is by checking out the National Association of Professional Organizers. They offer classes, networking, and support—our local Nashville chapter also hosts ‘newbie’ meetings once a quarter for people who are thinking about the profession to come and ask questions.”


What Else can Your Organizer Offer?

Often, professional organizers offer more than just decluttering services. In addition to helping her clients physically rid their home of clutter, Skillen provides coaching services. “Coaching is a new service I’m excited to offer because it allows me to help a client dig deeper into their organizing and productivity challenges,” she explains. “Instead of just telling someone how to organize or manage their time, we co-create strategies that fit their life and the way their mind works.” This is important for those with very specific needs and lifestyles. Sometimes, your organizing styles won’t line up. “My way of organizing isn’t necessarily the best way for someone else. Coaching gives us a process to find lasting solutions for their life, as opposed to ‘getting organized’ one time and finding everything in disarray a few months later,” Skillen concluded.


SkillSet is the Reset Button You Need

If you’re looking for a Nashville professional organizer, SkillSet is a wonderful place to start your search. Skillen’s background and varied experience make her a well-rounded and highly-skilled organizer: “I have a varied career background (education, music, legal services) that serves me well in my organizing adventures—and I’ve also lived in several different parts of the country. I’ve seen so many different types of office settings, homes, and objects that I’ll recognize something unusual in a space and know the best way to store it, or maybe a good way to dispose of it.” She loves working with new people, and her clients appreciate the service she provides. “My clients tell me I’m very calm and a great listener.”


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