Organizing Your Milwaukee Home? Beware of this Trouble Area and Hire a Pro

There’s no way around it: Getting organized is hard work. Whether you want to rearrange your furniture or clean out your home office, you’re expecting to spend a few hours moving, scrubbing, and throwing away items. Once you’ve finished most of the organizing, you realize—you’ve forgotten about the biggest, most insurmountable and impenetrable task: your closet. Stuffed with winter sweaters, old shoes, and clothes that no longer fit, this section of the house will, inevitably, take more time than everything else combined. In fact, some people start with their closet and get some overwhelmed they never make it to the rest of their home organizing project.

Luckily, you can get help with this intimidating task. Professional organizing is a quickly growing field, and some businesses are beginning to take on specific niche tasks. We spoke with David Kittleson, the owner of Closet Concepts, LLC. in the greater Milwaukee area, about the world of professional closet and storage organizers.

Hiring a Professional? Here’s When You Should Do It

Regardless of the season, there’s always a reason to get organized. “We have a few bumps,” Kittleson began. “Spring cleaning is certainly one, as the weather gets warmer and people come out of hibernation. But, also, because clothes change, tools change, sports change, and you start to go through all your stuff.” Still, this popularity is not restricted to the spring months. “Summer is pretty crazy, and I think it is because we tend to plan during the winter months and execute during the summer,” Kittleson explained. He continued, “And then in fall, with back to school and the changing of the seasons as well as the holidays looming, people want to get ready for all of that—as well as the impending hibernation.”

Kittleson also articulated that, for those wanting to build or remodel homes, the spring, summer, and autumn months are very popular, as it allows them to start winter projects on schedule. No matter the season, a professional will help you achieve your organizing goals.

Professional Help is Accessible and Invaluable

When it comes to planning a closet remodel, Kittleson considers a few primary factors. “We look at how clients are using the closet now, as well as how they want to use it,” he explained. Kittleson relies on a few basic questions to determine his approach: “The big factors are: Who’s using the closet (one or two people)? How are they using it (working vs non-working), and how much storage do they need?” The most important answer he needs? “Simply, ‘what’s bugging you?’”

Once he has the answer to this question, Kittleson can move forward with the planning process. He designs his closets around what the client needs the space to do, as well as what they want it to do. If he can fit aspects of both solutions into a project, he considers it to be a success.

People solicit Kittleson’s aid for various reasons. “I think it is a little of both a general need for storage space and the presence of too much clutter,” he explained. “I think, in our early days, it was more space motivated,” he continued, “but now people are so busy that clutter seems to happen faster.” His goal as a professional is to keep his clients organized, which will—in turn—keep their spaces usable.

Customer Service is Important

Whether you’re a Milwaukee storage seeker or simply want to organize or remodel your closets, Closet Concepts is a great service. Kittleson is proud of his company’s emphasis on customer service: “I think it’s the way our whole company treats people. Customer service is kind of a busy word now-a-days, but it really has been our way of life for all 30 years we’ve been in business.” Moreover, Closet Concepts will provide the individualized attention you need. “Because we are not a franchise or even a dealership,” Kittleson explained, “we make all of our own closet pieces right in our own shop, and we can give people what they want and we can react to changes quickly or additions.” They have the experience and personalized service you need in any remodeling job.


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