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As an industry, professional organizing has grown to speak to niche interests and situations. It seems that, regardless of lifestyle or situation, there is an organizing service designed to address your specific needs. Mom Organizing Moms, LLC is one of those services. Designed with moms and families in mind, this business works to alleviate some of the stress of family life.

Closetbox also knows a little bit about alleviating the stress moms feel. Our hassle-free Nashville storage is particularly popular with people, including moms, who need to put more time back in their schedule. With this in mind, we sat down with Tammy Maharrey, the president and founder of Mom Organizing Moms, to discuss her business’s goals and roots.

Tammy Maharrey

Humble Beginnings

Mom Organizing Moms was born to provide refreshment for mothers and families. “Our business started in the fall of 2014. I was familiar with situational crisis and knew a need existed for a business that offered support to moms and families. In 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer and the same year my husband came down with cancer, and we had two young children,” Maharrey began. Her husband passed away seven months into the diagnosis, and Maharrey was left as a single—albeit professional—mother. She explained that she has personal experience with situational crises together with experience as a working mother and a single mother. Maharrey says, “All families face trials of different kinds and need support systems to lend a helping hand at times.”

“I guess I just have a heart for mothers in general,” she explains. “They try to perform so many tasks, and they get very little rest or time for themselves. If something like an illness or situational crisis comes to a family, mothers must focus all of their attention on survival, caring for their family and their careers. There is very little time for anything else to get done at home.”

Mom Organizing Moms came to exist because, as Maharrey understands, priorities shift during both crisis and motherhood: “All of the sudden, vacuuming the carpet every day is no longer a priority when you become a Mom! I think it’s every mom’s true heart to put her family first, and with so many tasks on a families to-do list these days, it’s a balancing act. Society definitely puts added pressure on moms to look, dress, and perform in a certain way, and I think moms take on false guilt. They need to know it is okay to ask someone to come along and provide support. You can delegate tasks out to friends and family, or hire someone like Mom Organizing Moms so you function better and can take care of everything you wouldn’t have the time to do.”

Moreover, Maharrey mentions a statistic she recently saw, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about the number of families where both parents are employed. According to the data, more than half of families—around 61 percent—in the United States have two working parents. “To me, that’s a high number to have both parents trying to perform in their careers and take care of the household,” she commented. A professional organizer can work to alleviate some of the stress of parenthood.  “There’s just no time to organize cabinets and kitchens,” Maharrey explains. “You need some time to yourself. You don’t need to be organizing closets when all you really need is a nap or your heart is sad because you would love some quality time with your children and you feel covered up by all of your responsibilities.”


A Mission Statement with Heart

Maharrey says that, as a business, her goal is to help alleviate the stress of parenthood, and you can feel the earnestness and authenticity in her voice. “Where moms and families are concerned, I would love to just be the one who steps out and feels free to say to the awesome moms of the world, this is situational, this isn’t going to last forever. If you’re struggling as a mom, it’s because you have so much on your plate. You’re trying to be the personal shopper, the cook, the cleaning lady, the laundry person, you’re doing your best to learn and grow in your career, you’re called to be the tutor, the one who makes sure everyone gets bathed and has everything in order for the next work/school day!  You feel pulled because your first priority is to nurture and love your family and nourish the relationships within the home and the busyness of life sometimes gets in the way—that’s a lot for any person to handle!”


What to Expect from this Nashville Organizer

Mom Organizing Moms offers the personalized, experienced, and friendly touch necessary to have a trusting relationship with your organizer. “We’re going to come in and listen to the goals of what you and your family need because every family is unique,” Maharrey explains. “Every family has different struggles and life situations, and what may work for one family may cause chaos and confusion in another.” Maharrey begins the process with an at-home consultation in order to assess the challenges facing the family. From here, she and her client brainstorm action solutions designed to meet their personal goals. Building this relationship is essential to the process, as it helps Maharrey understand exactly what the family needs. 

Personalization is essential to a successful organizing experience. Maharrey has a background in education and pediatric dentistry, so she understands the learning process—especially when it comes to children. She explains, “I understand that everyone is different and thinks differently, so if you go in and try to put an organizational system in place without getting to know the specialized needs of the household, you can actually set up a situation for a family that causes frustration for a child or parent. It’s incredibly important to listen to the family and hear their needs and their struggles.” As an organizer for families, Maharrey works diligently to understand what works for each individual client. “We’re not going to come in there, give you a price, rush through it, and rush out,” she continued. “We want to have a long-term relationship with our clients so that the transformation process can alleviate stress and give your family more time for togetherness and fun, so that everyone can grow and learn more about each other and their needs as a family.”


How to Prepare for a Professional Organization

To prepare for your organizing session, Maharrey suggests that potential clients set aside the necessary time for your first consultation. “Remember to allow for adequate time to share your concerns with your home organizer,” she advises. “A lot of sessions will take up to three hours to get to know your family goals, discuss urgent priorities and take measurements of spaces for potential storage systems or projects. I think a lot of people think we can do it in a jiffy and be gone, but being there and working alongside the organizer is really important for success.”

She also explains that being candid and open with your organizer would lead to the best outcome. “It’s important when you’re meeting with a professional home organizer to get your ideas and expectations out on the front end. Ask about any questions or concerns you might have and explain your goals and needs. Ask how much your project will cost and if your home organizer plans to do one space at a time or several. Ask for estimates and a home organization plan for the project, as well as how many hours they think it will take. If they get those details out on the front end, they can make an informed decision on what they want to prioritize.” She emphasizes that allotting adequate time and asking these necessary questions is invaluable: “You’re going to get a better service, and you will create a successful action plan with your home organization expert.”


Need a Nashville Organizer? This Mom Has Your Back

Whether you’re a mother, a parent, or just a resident with a busy schedule, Mom Organizing Moms is a great place to start your search for an organizer. “Our mission is to be a refreshment to moms and families, but we do have some unique offerings.” In addition to providing organizational services, Mom Organizing Moms also offers a personal shopping and gift-wrapping service.

When working with Mom Organizing Moms, you’ll receive a personalized and caring home organization solution. “The reason I started this business was because I really felt this need for myself as a mom, for that type of resource. Moms and families really need that support system and some mothers and families just don’t have that helping hand.  I wanted to make a business to support moms and families.  So, I did—I launched a business, and we are here to assist your family with your next home organization project!”


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