9 easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas

While turkey is typically the main attraction, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without an artfully decorated table and home for celebrating with family and friends.If you don't have time to scour Pinterest for the latest Thanksgiving decorating trends (and honestly, who does?), don't worry — we chatted with a handful of interior decorators to give you these nine easy and beautiful Thanksgiving table and home decorating ideas. Your kids will love getting in on the decorating action, too!1. Tha

A simple winter home prep guide

Now that summer is a distant memory, we must accept that winter will soon be grabbing at us with its icy cold fingers. Getting yourself ready for winter is pretty simple: Retrieve your coats, hats, gloves, and scarves out of storage and wrap yourself up as much as possible before even thinking about breathing in any of that frosty air.However, getting your house ready for winter isn't as easy.That's why we’ve teamed up with some winter-prep experts that provided us with top-notch advice on how y

11 self-storage stories to make you never use it again

When you think of a self-storage facility, what comes to mind? You probably aren't picturing the cleanest, brightest, friendliest place in the world.But sometimes, self-storage facilities – and the units inside them — go beyond creepy and into the realm of straight-up scary. They're private, somewhat isolated and the perfect place for bad guys and creepos to store things they wouldn't want in their own house.These are some of the quirkiest, grossest and most terrifying things ever discovered in


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