Decorating for Easter in a small space

A small apartment poses some challenges -- the biggest of which is how to fit your entire life in a tiny space.When you live in a small space, you can expect there to be lots of creativity in terms of ways to create the illusion of more space, as well as lots of shuffling around of furniture and seasonally swapping out pieces in your home.Since living in a small apartment means that you’re short on space and likely need a reliable place to store your seasonal items and decor (because closet spac

Unique homemade Easter baskets your kids will love

Easter is the perfect excuse to celebrate the arrival of spring — it's a great day to head out for a yummy brunch together and grab a bouquet of fresh tulips on your way home. Plus, who doesn’t love Easter candy?If you’re planning on breaking out the Easter decorations this year, be sure to give the team at Closetbox a call after the holiday is over. They’ll pick up the bunny figurines, pastel tablecloths and Easter garland from your home, then transport them to a secure storage unit. When Easte

Washington D.C. Spring Cleaning Guide 2018

Congratulations, residents of our nation’s capital. You made it through yet another treacherous winter — and the horrible traffic slowdowns that come with it — living inside The Beltway.As the spring sun shines across the Potomac and you start to prepare for all those gorgeous cherry blossoms, it’s also time to ready your home for the warmer months.We consulted with a handful of experts to bring you the ultimate Washington, D.C. spring cleaning guide.Lighten upSpring is the perfect time to re-en


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