The Perfect Storage Solution for Cruise Ship Employees

The average cruise ship contract runs for 3-8 months—long enough that you can’t justify paying rent while you’re gone, short enough that you don’t want to uproot your entire life. Whether you’re temporarily without a home or you’re able to sublet your current place, you’re going to need a place to store your personal belongings and other valuable items. (To this point, Closetbox also offers storage tips and resources for subletters.)

Our concierge storage model is the perfect answer for most cruise ship workers. The combination of hassle-free convenience and competitive storage costs enables you to better meet the demands of the job while still enjoying the extra financial benefit of low living costs. Our storage solution starts with pickup service. Simply box up your smaller items and schedule your pickup date. Our professional storage handlers will load, haul, and unload your items into our local storage facility.


Concierge Storage with a Smile

The shifts and duties vary from one cruise ship employee to the next, but the vast majority workers are required to maintain a friendly, even spunky, attitude when they’re in public areas. The cruise ship worker is “always on.” The last thing you want in the final days before entering this world of contrived happiness is a heavy dose of your own frustration and anger. Or maybe you do want to vent your negative emotions, but you probably don’t want the safety of your cherished belongings on the line during this personal time. No matter what ritual you may concoct for these last moments of freedom, find more time in your schedule with Closetbox to do what you love most.


Flexible Storage Space and Exact Pricing

Packing for your cruise ship job is an agonizing process of choosing exactly what you need and what you’re most likely to miss: A range of skin and hair products to deal with your salt-tinged sweat. A musical instrument to unwind with at the end of a long day. Personal mementos of friends, family, and loved ones.  If you’ve been told that you’re going to share a 12’x12′ foot cabin with an employee roommate, a lot of things aren’t going to make the cut.

Closetbox can’t make these types of personal choices for you, but we can eliminate a lot of the decision-making for your onshore storage space and unit sizing. Rather than trying to create a good fit for preselected self-storage units, we offer exact storage solutions and price points. We never ask you to pay for more storage than you use, and we need only a rough estimate of your total storage load to get started. Better yet, we still offer four distinct storage unit sizes so you can take advantage of lower costs per square foot if you have larger storage needs. We have base price guidelines available for 5’x5′, 5’x10′, 10’x10′, and 10’x20′ storage units.


Return Delivery Service

Maybe you have a few days at your home port. Maybe a friend or family member can use a piece of furniture, housewares, or recreational equipment. With Closetbox, you’ll have an online storage account and dashboard feature that allows you to order return delivery service. We can usually have your items delivered to the address you specify within 24 hours. With partial storage return, we prorate both the delivery costs and the remaining storage fees.

Storage return can also make for an easier living transition once your cruise ship contract is up. Total return delivery costs the equivalent of one month’s storage fees. Prefer instead to save a few extra dollars? You can pick up your own storage items at no additional charge. Call ahead to let us know you’re coming and we’ll have someone ready to assist with the retrieval. All in all, the complete and flexible storage solutions from Closetbox are simply a better choice for cruise ship workers.


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