This Philadelphia Pro Organizer Will Change Your Life and Your Living Space

There’s no way around it. We all have clutter. Whether you’ve accumulated extra “stuff” during the whirlwind summer months or have yet to clean out your winter grime, there comes a point where it gets out of hand. As part of getting your clutter under control, the best plan for seldom-used items with personal or monetary value is likely our Philadelphia storage service. Often, it’s also in your best interest to hire an organizer. These professionals provide both physical aid and coaching in order to both address and prevent future clutter. We talked to Kathleen Green, a Philadelphia professional organizer, about how she and other organizers can help potential clients.


Professional Organizers are Personalized and Accessible

Though Green has a diverse clientele, she said her clients generally have something in common. “They are usually overwhelmed and do not know how or where to begin,” she explained. She then elaborated, telling us that this sense of being overwhelmed is catalyzed by becoming aware of personal shortcomings or a specific need such as planning to move. Green went on to explain that, though her clients may contact her for similar reasons, every situation is unique. “Every client and their situation is different,” she explained. “It has more to do with me reading them and finding the best approach to not only get the job done, but to hopefully ensure their success going forward. It is a give and take on both sides.”


How can These Professionals Help?

Though Green tailors her strategy to her clients’ needs, she always starts with the same process: “In general, I find it best to start clearing away the clutter and then begin to organize what remains. It is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.” She offers a collaborative experience with client, checking in and providing feedback throughout the process. “I usually give options as far as where to begin and why,” she continued. “All along the way, we discuss the issues and find ways to overcome their own personal hurdles.”

If you choose to do the organization work yourself, you may become overwhelmed with the process and give up before change becomes visible. Hiring a professional can alleviate stress and provide a necessary objective perspective. “I can help them change their lives,” Green said. “Many people live with guilt over this and are ashamed of themselves and their homes. They will not let friends or neighbors in and miss out on a lot of opportunities. They waste their time looking for things or tripping over them. They bury the true treasures in their home and forget about them.” She continued, stating that she hopes to show her clients the path to a simplified lifestyle, as well as greater peace of mind and sense of wellbeing. 


Be Open with Your Philadelphia Pro Organizer

We asked Green what she wishes her clients knew before hiring an organizer. Her answer was simple, yet important: “For the most part, the only thing that I want from potential clients is that they are open to the possibility of change.” When hiring a professional organizer, clients must learn to relinquish control of the situation. Once this happens, your experience will become less stressful—even enjoyable. “I do not like wasting their money or my time,” Green continued, pointing up the importance of resources during this process. “My biggest challenges have come from well-meaning friends or family who have hired me to help someone who is unwilling—or incapable—to change and help themselves.”


Your Organizer’s Professional Background Matters

Professional organizers have varied backgrounds. Some have experience as personal assistants, whereas others have earned business degrees. Green is a bit different—her background is in banking. She explained how her professional experiences overlap: “Space, time, and money are all interrelated. When clutter rules the day, people have less space. It takes more time to clean and take care of that space, as well as find things. Clutter costs money both directly and indirectly. We buy too much stuff whether we need it or not.” She continued, saying that when items are lost in cramped spaces, they’re likely to be purchased again. “The whole situation spirals downward. For many reasons, clutter often leads to financially irresponsible behavior. My background in banking allows me to guide people in this area by setting budgets, reducing debt, and curbing spending.”

Green’s banking experience has also taught her how to multitask. “Being a commercial lender, particularly in the Community Banking area, allowed me to wear several different hats,” she continued. “I often found myself not only being a financial adviser, but also a parent, friend, teacher, authority figure—the list goes on. These experiences have allowed me to develop the skills that I use today as a professional organizer.”


Reach out to this Philadelphia Pro Organizer

If you’re looking for an organizer in Philadelphia, don’t hesitate to contact Kathleen Green. Her recent projects span a range of clients and needs, including helping a non-profit organization to downsize, working with a young family, and helping a suburban family downsize. “I enjoy what I do, and I’m told that it shows,” she explained. “My goal is to make clients feel comfortable, achieve their own immediate goals, and put them on the path to continued success. I never judge and do my best to make people feel good about themselves.” Green has the experience and work ethic necessary to get the job done. “It is so rewarding to me when they see what has been accomplished in so little time.” She concluded, stating: “I love what I do and pride myself in coming up with creative solutions for many different situations. I have met many different clients along the way and have been thrilled to be a part of their happy endings—or maybe it is better to say their happy beginnings.”


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