Prepare Your Home for the Baltimore Real Estate Market with Staging

In order to quickly and effectively sell a home, residents and real estate agents need a smart approach to home staging. We talked to Madeline Capozzi of Domus Design & Staging about the current real estate landscape, as well as the importance of home staging in the Baltimore area.


Baltimore Real Estate is Heating Up

If you’re planning to sell a home in the Baltimore area, you’re in luck. According to Capozzi, the real estate market is hot. “We have been busy at times we predicted would be really slow,” she explained. “Baltimore specifically is awakening, and the community is ready to see this change. The City of Baltimore has provided us with incentives and Tax Credits like CHAP, New Construction, and the LNYW which has encouraged developers and investors to begin these awesome renovations that everyone has probably been seeing lately. Some of them will flip one small row home, whereas others might redevelop multiple row homes.”

This surge in development has been a massive draw for potential buyers, and the influx of residents is especially lucrative for sellers. For such a hot city, making your property stand out can be difficult. When it comes to selling a house, home staging is a reliable and efficient way to sell a home quickly.


The Importance of Staging Your Baltimore Home

For Capozzi, there are many reasons to stage a home. However, two factors most aptly apply to the Baltimore market. “You want to draw the potential buyer to the property,” Capozzi said. “Most of us start house hunting online, and the houses that are staged with a trendy design are going to be the properties that stand out the most. Therefore, they are the properties where you’ll want to call up the listing agent and schedule the showing.

“That said,” she continued, “if you’re a seller, it’s a very smart and small investment to make if you want to get your home sold fast and for top dollar. It’s not just about making the house ‘pretty.’ It’s about properly preparing your home for market.”

The second reason to stage is very specific to the City of Baltimore: the layout of the homes. “Most properties that we stage are row homes, and whether they are 3,000 square feet or 900 square feet, some buyers just aren’t able to walk into a property and visualize where they should put their sofa or dining room table.” This, Capozzi explained, is enough to make a buyer walk away from a potential sale. Some of these homes only have a width of 8 feet, so it’s important to place items in the home to show how furniture will properly fit.


What to Expect from a Home Staging

Numerous factors go into the creation of a home staging design. For Domus Design & Staging, trends are very important: “We always try to stay ahead of trends, but each neighborhood in the greater Baltimore area has a different style, which is why Baltimore is so great.” Capozzi explained that her company has a warehouse full of staging items to fit the look of any home—whether it be modern, traditional, industrial, or even country-style.

Once you’ve made the decision to stage your home, most businesses require an at-home consultation to get a better feel for the space. “We can do anything from helping the seller de-clutter to doing a full home staging, or even work with the furniture and whatever else the seller might already have in the house to make it ready for the market,” Capozzi explained. “We are capable of taking care of everything, but we do understand that some of these sellers are emotionally attached to their home and might want to have more of a say as to what is being done to their house.” Whether you want your staging experience to be hands-on or hands-off, it’s important to define the role you want to take—if any—in the design process.

If you decide that you want to utilize a Baltimore home staging service, you might need a place to temporarily store extra home furnishings. Know that our full-service Baltimore storage comes with a complimentary valet-style pickup. This is especially important for busy, stressed-out sellers. Instead of wasting your weekend transporting large items to and from a storage unit, let us take care of it while you focus on the details of your home sale.


Ready to Stage? Consider Domus

If you’re looking for a home staging service in the Baltimore area, Domus is a great place to start your search. Capozzi explained: “I think sellers, real estate agents, developers, and investors should turn to Domus for help instead of any other company because we will help them with more than just home staging.” She elaborated, “We have case studies to prove the difference our company has made with selling a house, and we realize that every home is different. Whatever field we help you in, it’s going to be custom for the house.” They have no hidden fees, and furniture will remain in the house until it’s sold. According to Capozzi, not many companies have the same dedication and confidence in their practice. “The reason we do it this way is because we are confident in our work that the home will be sold very fast.”


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