Get Deep Cleaning Tips from this Chicago Pro Cleaner

In cities like Chicago, spring cleaning is a very important and helpful step to recuperate from harsh winter weather. The climate can wreak havoc on your home, causing damage and grime buildup both in and outside. To better understand the idiosyncrasies of Chicagoland spring cleaning, we talked to Maria Campbell, “Chief Hag” at Hags with Rags, a Chicagoland professional cleaning service provider.


Local Chicago Cleaning Priorities

As mentioned, Chicago’s winters are destructive and, sometimes, misleading. The city’s climate fools residents into thinking spring has come (the city has seen 80-degree heat in March), but temperatures have been known to crash dramatically overnight. Campbell explained, “Chicago’s climate is extreme. Spring/deep cleaning would normally include outside of windows, but with cold snaps, sometimes the products can freeze, so it’s not always possible.” If you plan to schedule a professional deep cleaning, it helps to wait until the cold weather is behind you—often in mid-May.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a professional cleaning service, this is the perfect time to do so. “After an extreme Chicago winter, Chicagoans are keen to welcome spring with open arms, and that starts with their home! Typically, new clients ask for an initial deep clean, followed by recurring service to keep up. Many, many clients comment that having a clean house reduces stress levels and gives them a sense of well-being.” However, before scheduling your cleaning, ensure you know the type of care your home requires. “All houses require special care, although vintage properties are always more challenging—more cornices to clean, old radiators, dulled mirrors, etc.”


How to Get the Most of Your Clean

Ask any professional cleaner. Having a clutter-free canvas is the most important part of cleaning. “Decluttering is an essential first step in maintaining a home with assistance from a cleaning service,” Campbell explained. However, this decluttering goes beyond helping your cleaning service. It will also save you money. Most professional cleaners charge by the hour, so failing to adequately prepare your home can waste both time and cash: “Not doing this [decluttering] renders the deep clean not as effective, and working around clutter can take more time and make the service more expensive.”

When it comes to decluttering, Campbell has a few words of advice: “keep kids’ toys in one area of the house, do an inventory once each year and donate items to charity for the tax allowance, have a yard sale, and sell excess furniture. If you don’t use it at least once or twice a year, let it go.” Though discarding, donating, or selling belongings is often a tough choice, your home and professional cleaner will thank you.


Need a Chicago Cleaner? Hags with Rags Has Your Back

“Hags with Rags Cleaning Service Inc. is a fully-insured, legal cleaning service,” Campbell explained. “We provide recurring service, one-off deep cleans, and post-construction cleaning. We have trained our staff to a high level, we have the correct equipment, we know which supplies work best for each job, and we are detailed and methodical in the way we clean.” No matter your Chicago cleaning needs, the “Hags” have your back: “We are here to help and require no supervision, although input from clients is always good. The Hags are professional and courteous at all times and take pride in their work.”


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