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The professional organizing industry has seen major gains in recent years. These professionals are more accessible than ever before, and the services offered can address much more than a clutter-filled home. Can’t seem to get motivated at home? Experiencing productivity issues in the workplace? A professional organizer may be able to help our Baltimore-area storage customers. We talked with Mary Cate Claudias, the Founder and CEO of Charm City Organizers, LLC, about what exactly these professionals can offer.


Never Heard of Professional Organizing? You’re Not Alone

“A few years ago, I would have said the typical slow months are January and February, but this year proved me wrong,” Claudias began. “We’ve had our strongest first quarter since we were founded.” If you haven’t heard of professional organizing, you’re not alone. The industry began as a relatively niche service—only those who were in dire need, or those who had the cash to toss around, hired professionals. However, the tide has changed; “I think the organizing industry is gaining a lot of exposure and traction,” Claudias explained. “People are realizing that there is a value for the investment, and it’s not ‘luxury service’ for only a select group of people.” If you’re having trouble getting rid of clutter and freeing up space in your home, a professional organizer will provide the service you need to get the ball rolling.


What can a Professional Organizer Do for You?

Professional organizers can do just about anything home- or clutter-related. “We provide professional organizing services to those who are looking to clean out the clutter, implement better systems, and who want to learn to maintain it on their own,” Claudias said. As for clientele, demographics run the gamut: “There is a large range of people—both men and women—who fit these criteria. We also help seniors downsize and move into assisted living facilities, and of course, help with all aspects for people who are moving to a new home.”

Claudias continued, explaining, “I believe one of the largest benefits of working with us is the accountability factor. Much like hiring a personal trainer, when you create time in your calendar to work on these types of tasks, not only will having a professional organizer make you accountable, but it will get done much faster.” An organizer also provides solutions for most challenges. Not sure whether you should consign or donate? What about that couch you’re getting rid of—who will pick it up? How can you hold onto the memory behind an item if you get rid of it? A professional organizer can provide salient advice and counseling to answer these tough questions.


Beyond Clutter—These Professionals Can Organize Your Life

People hire professional organizers for several reasons, but one stands above the rest. Claudias told us, “I would say the biggest driver for people to reach out is the ‘overwhelming factor.’ They have finally reached a point where they just can’t face the clutter on their own, or perhaps just need some different eyes and suggestions in order to make a space or system work better. Or, again, they’re moving.”

Not only does Charm City Organizers provide services for tangible, tactile aspects of life, but they also offer productivity coaching. This coaching is designed to tackle bad habits around productivity—time management, space maintenance, and reaching goals. The chart below outlines the various problems they can address, as well as the benefits of receiving coaching. 


How Do They Do It?

“We firmly believe and preach that this is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process,” Claudias said. During our conversation, she mentioned a popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, written by Marie Kondo. Used by individuals and businesses all over the world, this book clearly articulates a step-by-step process for eliminating clutter from your home and life. However, Claudias offered a few words of criticism: “She has some great ideas, but I disagree with a lot of her approach.”

Claudias’ criticism comes from years of experience in helping individuals with organizational tasks. She explained that every client has different needs: “At Charm City Organizers, we take pride in truly listening to our clients’ goals, expectations, and needs throughout our time with them. Every client and situation is extremely different because the accumulation of stuff and memories is very personal for many reasons.”


If You’re Moving, an Organizer can Help

On several occasions, Claudias mentioned hiring a professional organizer to help with the moving process. You might be thinking, “I don’t need an organizer if I hire movers,” and depending on your situation, you might be right. However, as Claudias explained, “Moving is a huge catalyst that sparks the need for downsizing, purging, donating, consigning, staging, supervised packing and unpacking, etc.” When distinguishing between moving-related tasks, you may suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by the scope of your upcoming project. That’s where the organizer comes in.

In fact, moving is a major reason for hiring professional organizer: “Things pick up in late February and early March because people are spring cleaning, but they’re also moving—which is a huge market for us.” Charm City Organizers provides a helpful and informative graphic, which clearly articulates every stage of the moving process, for potential clients.


Charm City Organizers in the Baltimore Area

If you’re in the market for a Baltimore-area professional organizer, look no further. Charm City Organizers offers a personalized approach to organizing. Moreover, they tout some seriously impressive credentials: “We are extremely pleased to be driving the residential move management market in the Baltimore area right now. I am a Certified Professional Organizer® and specialize in small business settings, home offices, time and task management, and productivity coaching.” Getting your space clean and clutter-free doesn’t have to be difficult, and this business can help you get started. “I have the best team in the world and we’re working hard to be the leading and most influential organizing company in our region.”


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