Top 5 Storage Resources for Atlanta, GA

1. Storage for Atlanta’s Past and Future: Whether you have an antique from before the city was destroyed in the Civil War, or a precious keepsake from the early days of the Civil Rights era, our climate-controlled, fortress-like storage facility is the ideal solution to protect the financial and sentimental value of potentially vulnerable items. At the same time, Atlanta’s future couldn’t be brighter. Ongoing economic prosperity has made the city one of the fastest-growing in the nation. Our storage solutions are ideal for historical items, custom home builds, and childproofing the home. 


2. Home Improvement Project Storage: Another effect of the city’s growing population and housing stock that’s beginning to show some age is a strong home improvement market. The local availability of stone and granite extends beyond Stone Mountain. Likewise, the city’s amazing tree canopy is coupled with some amazing reclaimed wood and custom woodworking opportunities. Likewise, different parts of the city give rise to a wide range of home styles in Atlanta that lend themselves to specific home renovation projects.


3. Diverse Storage Solutions for a Diverse City: It’s not just black and white in Atlanta. There are also sizable Latino and Asian populations in this truly international city. Along with its central location, it’s no surprise that the city hosts the world’s busiest airport. (Closetbox is also a great choice for airline employee storage and low-rent, crash-pad living spaces.) But it’s not just the demographics that are diverse. Atlanta is home to the largest aquarium in the U.S., CNN and Coca-Cola, the CDC headquarters, Fox Theater and Little Five Points, festivals for music, film, and dogwoods. So long as it can be moved by two strong professional handlers and isn’t an obvious fire hazard or perishable material, we can more than likely store it for you.


4. Sports and Travel: Here are two more areas that are both universal and unique to Atlanta. Whether it’s personal memorabilia from the Braves dynasty of the 90s, a football signed by Deion Sanders, or a medal from the ‘96 Olympics, or just extra uniforms and equipment from your offseason intramural league, we’re a great choice for all your sports-related storage. Likewise, a love of travel isn’t limited to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Maybe you’re looking to store an extra bicycle or two for your annual ritual with friends and family to bike the length of the Silver Comet Trail.


5. Dependable Pickup, Delivery, and Handling Services: We like to boast about our licensed storage handlers in every market for which Closetbox has a location. But take special note of the experience that comes with our Atlanta storage center team: They’re not going to get confused by your particular Peachtree location. They have the local knowledge and patience to overcome the worst traffic in the Atlanta metro area. Inside or outside the Perimeter, if you’re within our Atlanta-based service area, you can depend on our pickup and delivery services.


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