Top 5 Storage Resources for Baltimore

1. Homeowners and Historic Rowhouses

The City of Baltimore is notorious for its abundance of historic rowhouses. Built to fit all levels of taste and budgets, these seemingly uniform structures vary greatly in size and storage space. Some of the smallest rowhomes may only be eight feet wide.  Though you may love living in a historic home, you might not have the storage space necessary to keep all of your belongings. A Closetbox unit is perfect for all your Baltimore storage needs. Whether you’ve just discovered you can’t keep that 6-person dining table or only need to de-clutter your home, we have the space necessary to store even the most ambitious of projects.


2. College and University Storage

Every autumn, thousands of students flock to Baltimore to start a new school year. In fact, Baltimore is home to more than a dozen colleges and universities—from Johns Hopkins University to the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Most students are not local, and—come time to go home in the summer—you might struggle to find an adequate storage solution. Closetbox has you covered. We offer both seasonal and long-term storage solutions. Taking a year off to study abroad? We have your back. Only need summer storage for books and dorm supplies? No problem.


3. Geography and Historic Streets

Like many of America’s older cities, most of Baltimore’s streets are not laid out on a grid. Many thoroughfares were forged by horses and buggies, and are thus narrow, sinuous, and difficult to navigate. If commuting to work gives you a headache, just imagine the stress of trying to navigate these old roads in a loaded-down moving van. With us, you won’t have to. Closetbox provides a free valet-style pickup service. We’ll grab items right from your home or place of work and deliver everything safely to our nearby facility. We’ll gladly sit in I-83 traffic if it means getting your weekend back.


4. Arts and Entertainment

In recent years, Baltimore has grown into a cultural hub. Whether you prefer Bromo or Station North, you can’t deny the city’s scene for arts and entertainment. Whether you’re a musician, an artist, or art collector, our climate-controlled units are the perfect fit for your temperamental storage. Baltimore’s humidity can seriously damage instruments, art supplies, paintings, and more. Our storage centers have what it takes to keep your drawings, etchings, paintings, sculptures, instruments, costumes and set construction safe and sound. Not to mention your vendor booth and exhibit display.


5. Small Business Storage

Baltimore is a great city to start a small business. The area’s emphasis on buying local is a draw for business owners and customers alike. Whether you own an independent restaurant or a small clothing boutique, you’re bound to have a need for storage. The city’s architecture is such that most shops are confined to small buildings. Whether you need a place to store your restaurant’s summer patio furniture or just enough storage for surplus inventory, Closetbox is here to help. We offer both personal and commercial storage to suit your every need.


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