Use Storage to Ease Transition for Newly Blended Families

As one of 1,300 blended families that form every single day in the U.S., know that you’re not alone in creating a new, unified household. You’re bound to hear useful tips about enlisting the support of friends and extended family, about showing patience and understanding while also stepping into the role of disciplinarian to new children, about continuing to work on building a stronger marriage.

At the same time, if you have overflow storage needs as the result of a newly blended family, there’s no substitute for the convenience and logistical support available from Closetbox. Here are some of the most common ways that our concierge storage solution stand to make a difference for newly blended families:

  • Make Your New Housing Plan Workable. It’s not just a new parent and the kids. It’s also everyone’s personal possessions. If the family is moving into an existing home, it’s likely that extra space is limited. The cost of moving into a new home, especially one in a favorable school district, may also require settling for smaller floor plans and smaller bedrooms. Or maybe the need for storage is created by an older teenager who may be living in the new home for only a limited period of time. Whatever the specific circumstances, a storage solution may be necessary to make your housing plan viable.


  • Time Savings for All Ages: Whether it’s the a higher level of direct care for small children, the extra time and persistence needed for adolescents and early teens, or dealing with the complexities of older teenagers and young adults, blended families take time to work. According to the experts, the process takes 2-5 years on average to complete. But it’s also a process built one day at a time and one weekend at a time. Let our professional, licensed storage handlers fight the traffic and safely unload your storage into one of our local storage units.


  • Cost Savings for Blended Families. Even families who are able to save on housing costs by moving in together still tend to have plenty of extra reasons to save money. Maybe it’s child support payments, health bills, consumer debt, or legal fees and other divorce costs. Luxury-minded “full-service” storage solutions are cost-prohibitive for many families. Not with Closetbox. By having you box up smaller storage items, by carefully selecting our local storage sites, and by never asking you to pay more storage space than you need, we’re able to combine a new standard of storage convenience with competitive prices.


  • Keep in Touch with Return Delivery Service. One of the most underrated aspects of our concierge storage model is the availability of return delivery service. Putting your belongings into storage with Closetbox doesn’t mean saying goodbye to them forever. One of the most common tips they tell parents of newly blended families is to carve out a special time for each individual family members. Whether it’s a doll house, train set, or some portion of a prized collection, whether you want to jam out for a weekend with your old drum set, or whether you have special items that you want to surprise your partner with for date night, Closetbox can quickly retrieve and deliver these items to your home when the right opportunity presents itself.


  • Avoid Mistakes with Secure Storage and Online Tracking. With storage items belonging to a number of different family members, it’s important to keep track of everything you’ve put into storage. Our concierge service includes the creation of a personal online inventory with a dashboard feature that makes it easy to view and order return delivery for each item with accuracy and confidence. Know, too, that between 24/7 monitoring, concierge service, and dependable employees, we offer complete storage security. Avoid mistakes, big and small, by choosing Closetbox for your blended family’s storage solution.


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