Learn what this Boston Professional Organizer can do for Your Home or Business

Spring cleaning is a time to declutter, clean, and reset. However, lifestyle changes and major events require more than a decluttering session. Though our Boston-area customers may feel that putting items in storage is enough, you might want to consider hiring a professional organizer. They can help declutter your home. They can also help address issues with personal productivity and goals, as well as tough, belongings-related decisions. We spoke with Maureen Nuccitelli of The Organizing Diva about the world of Boston professional organizing.


Spring Cleaning? Moving? Not a Problem for These Pros

No matter your needs, a professional organizer can provide invaluable input and aid. However, two major catalysts dominate the industry. “Early spring is a time when people are getting ready to move and sell their home,” Nuccitelli explained. “Some of these people hire professional organizers to help with this process.” More than just packing and unpacking, moving is both physically and emotionally exhausting. Hiring a professional to help throughout the process will inevitably mitigate the stress and strain of this major change. Nuccitelli was quick to note, however, that moving does not comprise the business she receives: “There is also a contingency of people who want to start their spring cleaning/organizing projects as well.” 


Which Projects can an Organizer Address?

“I have helped all sorts of people with various projects,” Nuccitelli explained. Professional organization deals with both physical and metaphysical clutter. She elaborated, “I help people who struggle with disorganization and time management so they can have less stress and achieve their goals. I help them declutter their physical space so they can carry out their day-to-day tasks with ease.” This includes working with clients to improve time management, clarify goals, and determine the necessary “action steps” to achieve those goals. She explained that a professional organizer can hold individuals accountable for these “action steps,” which increases the likelihood of project success. 

You can declutter, organize, and edit your space with The Organizing Diva. Can’t decide what to do with a particular item? Nuccitelli has you covered there, too: “I’ve helped people downsize and donate their unwanted belongings. Part of my service is that I offer to take these unwanted items for donation.”

Professional organizing isn’t only for individual people. Businesses can greatly benefit from the services offered. Nuccitelli has extensive experience in this facet of the industry: “I’ve helped small business owners streamline their business and focus their accounting and marketing efforts. For a few of them, I coach on technology and their mobile devices and do bookkeeping to keep their revenue on track. I also help coaches and holistic practitioners start their business—I have started three businesses of my own and know what it takes to start a business.” If you’re starting or have already established a small business, Nuccitelli has the skills to get you where you want to be.


What to Expect from Your Organizer

Nuccitelli follows a clear-cut process, but tailors her services to each client. “First, I determine the client’s needs by listening to them and answering questions with a phone intake session. I help clarify the client’s goals, vision, and direction.” This step is one of the most important because it allows Nuccitelli to better understand both the project and the person requesting her services.

“I then help the client create and strategize their action steps to achieve these goals. We can also jump right in with the action steps ad work side-by-side to accomplish the tasks,” she continued. Nuccitelli also explained that she works at the client’s preferred pace, which facilitates trust and comfort throughout the process. “I provide coaching to find out where the client’s roadblocks are and help them become aware of and overcome those obstacles,” she continued.

Nuccitelli then works with her clients to optimize their working environment by suggesting tools and systems, which inevitably help them to achieve their organizing goals. At this point in the process, they dive into the project itself. Nuccitelli helps with organizational design of the client’s space: “I pride myself in being able to offer solutions that are more than just neat and tidy, but also aesthetically beautiful.”


Need a Boston-Area Organizer?

If you’re thinking about a professional organizer for spring cleaning, moving, or lifestyle clutter, consider hiring The Organizing Diva. “My offerings are diverse, and I customize my organizing and life coaching to fit the client. I do stick to a process, but each client brings his/her own challenges and rewards.” Most importantly, Nuccitelli loves what she does, and her clients are always happy with the results. “I’m truly blessed that I get to work with various people who need help with their organizing goals, and they trust me to be that help.”


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