What You Need to Know before Storing Your Lawn Mower for the Winter

No matter where you plan to put the mower, there are a couple things you need to do for winter storage. First and foremost, you need to empty the gas tank. When exposed to air, gas goes bad after about a month. A dry film forms in the carburetor that can plug up the mower’s ports and jets. Some people deal with the issue by adding a fuel stabilizer, but most experts will tell you that draining the tank and carburetor bowl is best. If you play it right, you can accomplish this by simply running the mower out of gas at the end of the year.

From there, you’ll also want to carefully clean out the mower’s blades and undercarriage. You don’t want to let any clippings and debris start to rot or freeze under the deck of the mower. Forgetting to do this can create all kinds of problems in the spring. For best practices for lawn mower storage, now is also a great time to change the oil in your mower.


Outdoor Storage Hurts Durability

Unless something has changed that we don’t know about, you don’t need to take your lawn mower in for an annual safety inspection. Nevertheless, you don’t want to leave your gas, electric, or even your old-fashioned reel mower out for the winter cold. Plastic covers meant to prevent water damage can actually trap moisture in the undercarriage. Electric mowers can see their battery and terminal connections degrade in freezing temperatures.

Look, that said, we’re not going to sit here and tell you that putting your lawn mower into storage “pays for itself” dollar-for-dollar. And yet, the only other options may be cluttering up your interior storage and living space, or shopping for a new lawn mower every couple years because it keeps breaking down on you. Given that you can find full-service storage at a reasonable cost with Closetbox, many people choose to put their lawn mower into storage, and are glad for it.


A Little Extra Space is just what You Need this Winter

Indeed, a little extra space may be just what you need to get through the winter. Putting those few extra items into storage can be the difference between an effective space for yoga, weights and other personal exercise equipment. Or maybe you’re thinking about woodworking, a paint easel, or drafting table.

Clutter-free spaces themselves tend to be a mood enhancer. That extra pile of clutter in the corner of the garage may not seem that bad in November and December, but by the time January and February rolls around, it’s going to be a subtle, if persistent, reminder that winter isn’t over yet.


Lawn and Landscape Storage of All Sizes

Often times, it’s not just the lawn mower. You may have a weed-whacker, leaf blower, rake, gardening tools, portable planter boxes, and other lawn equipment that you’re looking to store. Not to mention summer gear that has nothing to do with the yard. With our exact pricing model, you can find a great price whether you’re looking to store a single lawn mower or an entire garage full of seasonal supplies.

We don’t like to brag…unless it’s called for. You see, in addition to personalized price quotes, our pickup and on-demand return delivery means you won’t have to spend a Saturday in late fall and another one in early spring to find the right solution for your lawn mower storage.