Why Plastic Containers are Perfect for Most At-Home Christmas Storage

Because we handle such a diverse range of storage projects, a lot of our customers use cardboard boxes and a lot of them use plastic containers. It depends on a range of factors including price, project length, and ongoing use. But when it comes to holiday and Christmas storage space at home, plastic containers tend to be the better option overall. Here’s why.


What Makes Christmas and Holiday Storage Different

Look, we like Christmas decorations just as much as anybody, but for most people, it’s also time to move on shortly after the calendar year flips over. When they’re not out on display, out of sight is usually best. Holiday decorations of almost any stripe aren’t the kind of thing that hangs out in the bedroom closet or pantry 11 months out of the year. No, these are the decorations that end up in the farthest corners of our attic, basement, garage, or storage shed.

In these areas, cardboard is more likely to be exposed to humidity and/or temperature swings. No doubt, you keep these home storage areas clean and well maintained. Thus, we acknowledge cardboard boxes will probably last at least a few years.


Plastic Containers for Memories of a Lifetime

Yet, Christmas storage is, by its nature, cyclical. Just as we’re relieved when all the decorations are put away, we’re excited to pull them back out and rediscover personalized ornaments that have lasted a decade or more. And, simply put, the more you use a storage container, the better value a plastic container will return.

That said, not even plastic containers last forever, especially if you don’t splurge for a higher-end, heavy-duty model. One of our team members had this storage tip: “As my collection of Christmas decorations grew, I didn’t realize it, but the sides of the container started to bow out. Now, the lid to the container doesn’t fit or snap on neatly like it once did.”

Plus, the color of the plastic starts to fade with time. But maybe this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s something about pulling bright red, green, and multi-colored decorations from a slightly warped, sickly-looking plastic container. Maybe it has to do with our tendency to appreciate plainly-wrapped gifts more because they don’t raise our expectations.


How Warehouse Storage Facilities Change Things

Most people keep their Christmas decorations at home year-round, but maybe you like to go crazy or maybe you have limited storage space at your home. If you need a little extra help finding a spot for your Christmas or other holiday decorations, we’ve got you covered.

We may also change the best, most cost-effective way to store your seasonal items. Our diligently maintained, well-ventilated, and climate-controlled warehouse storage isn’t your dank basement or overheated attic. What’s more, your items are kept in personal storage vaults. In these conditions, cardboard boxes are likely to last a long time. And, hey, cardboard boxes aren’t hard or expensive to replace.

No matter if you prefer cardboard or plastic containers, no matter if you’re looking for one or two overflow boxes or an entire home’s worth of decorations, for both the interior and the yard—we offer hassle-free storage for your Christmas decorations at a great price.