You Should Check Out this Babysitter App

Babysitting. It sounds like such a simple thing. You pay someone to watch your kids while you go out for date night. Simple, right? But what really happens is that you end up spending what seems like hours of time playing phone tag with the list of local—and sometimes not so local—babysitters. And you may not end up finding anyone in the end, anyway. Even when you do find someone, there’s confirming the rate, leaving any special instructions, dealing with the money, and figuring out if the sitter’s schedule allows for a one-hour extension of date night. Sometimes you have to pick them up and take them home.

Too often, babysitting feels like more trouble than it’s worth. Found someone who’s available on a pretty regular basis? Don’t be so sure you’ve hit the jackpot. We, too, hear the parents’ stories about babysitters who look to take advantage of their desperation at every turn. And we’ve heard about parents who find a good one and refuse to share with other families so they don’t have to compete with the sitter’s time or their friends’ price competition. (You know you do this, Cheryl.)


A Few Extra Resources Can go a Long Way

Taking the hassle out of self-storage without jacking up the price is our thing. We pick your stuff up, store it securely, and bring it back with on-demand delivery. But our thing isn’t the only thing, and self-storage is far from the only thing that gives people more of a headache than it should. And there are plenty of companies who are bringing their services to you like we do.


Sitter is changing how you find a babysitter. Parents can quickly send out a single request to whichever and however many sitters they choose. Their app then does the hard work of sending out the requests and confirming the details with a particular babysitter. You’ll know the sitter’s rate upfront and have an easy way to pay the sitter through the app as well. They are also here in Denver and while we respect what they are doing and how they are doing it, we also consider them to startup brothers or sisters. Not sure how genders work anymore. It’s how finding a babysitter was always supposed to be, but never was. Until now.