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Despite the cost of a university education, going to college is still the dream for a huge percentage of high school graduates. Whether it’s a higher-quality learning experience, new friends that last a lifetime, or the social life that comes with the college experience, this truly is a time you’re never going to forget. At the same time, college tuition costs cover a lot more than educational supplies and professor salaries. Universities aren’t just places of learning; they’re also largely complete and self-contained communities, albeit on a miniaturized scale.

Thus, no matter the size, no college campus has the capacity necessary to store everything that’s connected to the larger academic community. It’s not just the students. It’s also faculty, staff, college organizations, and community events. Discover the most common college storage projects that we handle, and look to Closetbox for your own college-based storage needs.


  • Student Organizations and Academic Departments: You can put them into a handful of categories, but there are several dozen academic departments and several hundred student organizations within the typical university system. Whether it’s an intramural hockey league, media and print publications, physics and astronomy, or Greek life, there is an enormous range of equipment and supplies that may surpass your available, on-campus storage space.


  • Rules for University Vendors: When it comes to business marketing and identifying a captive audience, there are few opportunities like a college campus. It’s not just a ton of foot traffic, but this foot traffic rarely has the need and wherewithal to travel to an alternative, off-campus vendor. At the same time, most universities impose strict rules and prohibitions on their campus vendors, not to mention limited business space. Keep some portion of your business inventory and supplies off-campus with Closetbox. Our on-demand return delivery is a huge resource for this type of business management.


  • Roommate and Dorm Life Storage Solutions: It’s one thing to know the dimensions of your dorm room, but when both you and your roommate arrive at college ready to pack your dorm to the brim, you’ll quickly realize there’s no space left to live and to study. The good news is you’ll already have the boxes and packing materials on-hand. Rather than wreck the relationship with your roommate right from the start, look to Closetbox for an easy, cost-effective option for putting some portion of your belongings into an accessible storage facility. Maybe you and your roommate can split the cost and the items that get put into storage.


  • Storage for Off-Campus Living: There are a lot of pros and cons to living off-campus. (No more resident advisor looking over your shoulder!) But some of these pros and cons are fungible. For example, off-campus living tends to be more spacious, but also more expensive. To make off-campus living a viable solution when my friends and I were in college, we curtained off a big window nook to create an extra bedroom. Putting an extra person in the apartment or rental home can greatly reduce your living costs, even after you account for monthly storage fees.


  • Summer Storage: In many ways, Closetbox is the perfect solution for your summer storage needs. The end of the academic year is a chaotic time for students, faculty, and staff alike. Our pickup service allows you to prepare for summer vacation without ditching finals or the end-of-year parties. To make this pickup service cost-effective for us, however, we require a minimum two-month storage commitment. Naturally, that’s no problem for summer storage. Don’t miss a single day of your summer break with Closetbox. 

Contact us today about your individual storage project, and find more time in your schedule for fun and for learning.