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Congrats, Florida college students, you’ve reached the final stretch of the spring semester. Just like your future, your summer is looking mighty bright. Cue the internships, summer travel and hopefully at least a few beach days spent on South Beach, lazing on the sand and bobbing in the waves.

As you prepare for the end-of-the-year rush (finals exams, move-out, graduation parties!) let Closetbox help. We can stash your belongings this summer whether you’re going home for the summer to live with the ‘rents rent-free or traveling the world during the break. Our team of professional movers will come pick up your belongings and take them to one of our secure storage facilities. When you return for the fall semester and are ready to move back into the dorms or into an off-campus apartment, make an appointment and we’ll return your belongings. Don’t you wish your final exams were this easy?

Here’s where to find storage:

University of Miami Summer Storage

Florida International University Summer Storage

St. Thomas University Summer Storage

All other Miami-area colleges

Ready to get moving?

Here’s your complete guide to move-out and summer storage in Miami.

Start recycling

To help make the move-out process easier, start taking inventory of your belongings and look to see what could be recycled. At Florida International University, for example, mini recycling stations designed to look like little homes are in the dorms and academic buildings. Janet Branch, the university’s housing facilities manager, designed the houses with the help of the Office of Sustainability. The recycling houses have compartments dedicated to small electronics, plastics and food donations, according to Branch. The food donations go to the school’s food pantry; electronics and batteries are recycled by a local recycler and plastic bags are recycled. The University of Miami has information on how to recycle electronics, as well as empty ink cartridges and other common goods, and has a special program for recycling laptops.

Borrow equipment

Before you splurge on cleaning supplies and equipment, check with your university’s residence life office. For example, carts and vacuums are available for check-out at each University of Miami residence hall reception desks. Be sure to time your rental because the rentals are limited to two hours.

Divvy up cleaning tasks

Make sure you and your roommate (or roommates) have a plan of attack when it comes to move-out cleaning. Adam Busch, head of community outreach for RentLingo, suggests scheduling a night for everyone to be home and clean. This helps ensure no areas are overlooked and it makes it easy to share cleaning supplies. It’s common for landlords to keep a portion of the deposit to repaint and clean the carpet. But, make any fixes that you can, he suggests, and do a good deep clean.

While the school year is almost over, the University of Miami has a solid “roommate agreement” guide that covers several areas of shared living, including cleaning expectations. The document can help guide the conversations you have with your roommates.
Mop, broom and pan

Sell back your books

Want some extra cash for the summer? Sell back your books at the end of the semester. University of Miami students, you can sell back your books either online or in-store. Florida International University officials say that textbooks nab the best buyback rates during the week of finals. Students can get up to 50 percent cash back on their books, and the textbooks must include original materials, like CDs and workbooks. Students are also required to bring a valid student ID to the book buyback.

Sign up for housing for next year

University of Miami students: It’s not too soon to start thinking about where you’ll be living next fall. The school just unveiled a new, cutting-edge student housing village that’s already in high demand. (Here’s where to begin the reservation process). The $153 million housing complex is mostly reserved for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Some star amenities include a 24/7 study hall, retail and food locations, a climbing and bouldering wall, outdoor patio space and music practice rooms.