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The end of the semester can be flat-out stressful for Bay Area college students — there are finals to study for, goodbyes to say and, of course, the dreaded summer move-out process.

It’s particularly exhausting for parents whose kids are attending college on the other side of the country. Of course, they are burgeoning adults, but they still need a little help here and there.

The summer move-out process in San Francisco doesn’t have to cause so much anxiety. Let Closetbox do all the hard work for you so that you (and your student!) can get a head start on summer vacation — without all the hassle of finding a moving truck, renting a creepy self-storage unit and sweating as you move box after box.

Whether you live in the East Bay, Sunnyvale, Fremont, the Market District, Palo Alto, or any of the other incredible San Francisco neighborhoods, Closetbox can help. Our expert team of professionals will arrive at your dorm, load your belongings carefully into a truck and transport them safely to a private vault. When you return to school in August, just let Closetbox know — they’ll return your belongings to your new residence hall. No stress, no sweat.

Here’s how to find our effortless, concierge storage service at your college or university:

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To make the process even easier, we’ve rounded up some tidbits of advice from move-out experts at colleges throughout the Bay Area. Here’s what they had to say.

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Mix it up
If the thought of packing your entire room at once overwhelms you, consider doing it in stages throughout the week. Study for finals for an hour, then spend an hour packing.

“Do packing in stages before your parents get there,” suggests Lizzie Ford, a Stanford University sophomore and the chair of the student life committee. “For example, take down decorations, box up the iron you never used, etc.”

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Ask for help
You may be tempted to hole up in your room and prepare for summer move-out alone, but there’s plenty of people willing to help you out.

For example, if your bed is lofted, be sure to ask a friend or parent for help bringing it down, Ford says. 

Most campuses will make the transition easier by bringing in extra recycling bins as students move out, so grab one for you and your roommates. And be sure to check with your resident advisor for how to dispose of batteries, used printer cartridges and other hazardous materials.

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Don’t forget to clean
Though it may be tempting to hit the road right away, be sure to take a few minutes to pick up trash, vacuum and wipe down the surfaces in your dorm room before you leave.

“Leave plenty of time to clean the room itself after you have moved out, as you will be fined if it is in poor condition,” says Ford.

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Stay organized
You’re probably pulling a few all-nighters during the last week on campus as you study for finals and write those pesky papers. But no matter how tired you are, make things easier on yourself come fall by organizing while you pack up your belongings.

“It is easy to get lazy and tired during the packing process, but being organized now will save you a lot of headaches when you have to unpack,” says Torry Brouillard-Bruce, senior director of Student Housing and Residential Education at the University of San Francisco. “You don’t know stress until you can’t find your favorite coffee mug and need it for the start of the year.”

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Make it fun
Yes, packing can be boring and time consuming (the same goes for unpacking!). But there are ways to make it slightly more bearable. Turn on some music, grab a few snacks and leave the door open so friends can stop by to say hi as you pack.

Another tip? Hide little gifts to yourself in your boxes. Brouillard-Bruce shared a genius tip for motivating yourself while you’re packing and unpacking.

“Whenever I pack I follow the one-for-one rule with mini-chocolate bars,” Brouillard-Bruce explains. “When I’m packing a box, I’ll put one chocolate bar in the box I’m packing and I’ll eat one to reward myself for getting the box packed. Then, when I unpack, it’s a special little surprise waiting for me in a box.”

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Set expectations
Parents, there are a few things you should know about the summer move-out process, too. After all, you’re likely the one footing the bill and doing a little project management to keep your child on-task while packing and cleaning.

Brouillard-Bruce makes a good point for parents who are helping their children move out of the dorms: keep your expectations low, or at least aligned with reality, he says.

Try your best to stay patient and not get frustrated if the packing process is slow-going.

“Be prepared for your student not to be ready to move out. They’ve been busy with finals and closing out the year so chances are they’ve made packing a last priority,” he says.

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Bring treats
It sounds a little silly, but you know how much kids love homemade goodies from Mom and Dad. Brouillard-Bruce says you will make a lot of friends in the dorm and help your child stay motivated if you whip up a batch of brownies before you arrive

“Students love a little something from home, even if it is in the final days of the year,” he says.

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