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Whether you’re putting a historic rowhouse or a recently built studio apartment on the market, home staging is an essential resource for sellers. This tactic can help sell your home faster, find the perfect buyers, and even provide a better return on investment. We spoke with Laurie Ryan, a project manager at Red House Staging & Interiors, about the importance of home staging in the Washington, DC area.


Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Staging allows potential buyers to understand how the space works, as well as how their belongings might fit into the layout. “People have a difficult time visualizing how a home should look and how to lay out furniture,” Ryan explained. “Furnishings actually make the space look bigger, which is of course a draw. So much potential home shopping happens online these days, and a staged home leaves a better impression on buyers.” Additionally, home staging is a great way to sell homes quickly: “We have had clients that have had their home on the market for several months and have us come in, stage, relist, and sell within the first week.”


What to Know about the Home Staging Process

Whether you plan to vacate the property or live in the home for the duration of the selling period, home staging processes vary from business to business. For Red House Staging, a talented team of design professionals completes most of the work: “We have some clients who defer all design decisions to us and some that have very distinct ideas on what they’d like to see in a home. We are open to both and are happy to collaborate with clients or with the talented project managers we have at Red House.”

As for what goes into a design? For Ryan, multiple variables play a role in the process: demographics, location, and building style. She elaborated, “We hand-choose each piece that goes into our stagings from the furniture to artwork to décor to build a cohesive and original staging for each client.”

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The Home Staging Service for You

It is essential to choose a home staging service that fits your needs. Ryan advises that clients look for a company that offers a great experience—before, during, and after the installation. If you’re a DC-area resident looking to sell a home, Red House Staging is a great option. They offer more than ten years of experience with home staging in the DC area. Ryan explained, “One needs to work with a company that offers a wide variety of inventory. With over 100 homes staged at one time, we constantly have a revolving inventory of new and fresh looks.”

Ryan also said that Red House stands apart by offering a designed concept: “No two stagings are the same. We have two huge warehouses full of inventory at our disposal, which enables each project to have a unique look and feel. We have a terrific admin team that initiates and fulfills all of our contracts, a talented and varied group of project managers and designers, and a dedicated staff of logistic professionals that aim to complete every job with 100% satisfaction.”