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Spring cleaning in Denver can certainly present unique challenges. A few sunny and balmy days in the forecast can be followed by a blanket of wet snow, even well into May. The erratic weather, of course, makes it difficult to pull out the patio furniture, plant flowers and keep those floors clean after trudging through the house with snowy boots.

Still, spring cleaning is a ritual that can help us really appreciate our homes.

“It gives us a chance to start fresh again,” says Amy Trager, a Certified Professional Organizer. “Spring already feels bright and sunny; we want our space to feel the same. Spring cleaning allows us to shake the doldrums of winter and become excited for the sun ahead.”

Spring cleaning, Trager says, provides an opportune time to tackle tasks that don’t get done any other time of year. That could mean cleaning the grout in the bathroom, washing the blinds and ceiling fans or organizing the linen closet or pantry. Or, maybe it’s adding a fresh coat of paint to areas of your home that have been faded by Colorado’s frequent sunshine rays.

Here’s some more expert tips for spring cleaning in Denver.

1. Make space by trading out your gear 

The majority of Colorado’s ski resorts close down throughout April, but as intrepid Coloradans know, there’s plenty of adventure awaiting in the spring and summer. That means it’s time to move those boots and boards and those skis and skins into storage to make room for mountain bikes, hiking gear and kayaking equipment. Closetbox can help, acting as your storage concierge. We’ll come pick up your off-season belongings and store them in a climate-controlled facility. When you want them back, we’ll deliver them to your home. That way, you’ve got more time to play in the great back yard that are the Rockies rather than making trips to and from a storage unit on your treasured weekend days.

2. Clean up those screens and windows

Keeping windows and screens clean is a task that oftentimes gets overlooked, says Anne Murlowski, a lifestyle and decor blogger with Rocky Mountain Bliss. But, she points out, winter leaves in its wake lots of dust, pollutants and water spots. “Before opening your windows during the warmer months, you’ll want to wash windows both inside and out, power wash screens and vacuum window tracks,” Murlowski says. “Clean windows make a surprising impact on the overall beauty of your home.”

3. Tackle outdoor spaces

When it’s snowing in Colorado, it’s not exactly practical to clean out the attic or the garage. Having your belongings splayed out on a snow-blanketed lawn or icy driveway as you power wash the garage just won’t work. So, when the spring temps arrive, it’s a great time to tackle the garage and attic, says Trager.

For those who will be working on your flower or herb gardens, be sure you’ve got frost guards and frost blankets on standby so that Old Man Winter’s grand finale doesn’t ruin your gardening efforts.

4. Pay special attention to tile floors

It’s an inevitable part of winter in the Mile High: Snow gets trudged into the home by way of the bottom of boots. With it comes dirt. Your tile floors can be steam cleaned, just like your carpets, says Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada, which can help you manage projects around the house. “Wait until the snow is melted completely before tackling this project so you don’t drag more water and slush into your home,” she says.

5. Do these mini-chores for a ‘fresh’ home

Some other great tasks to tackle in the spring include changing air filters, giving the stove ventilation hood a deep cleaning and cleaning out your refrigerator, Dodson says. When you do a thorough clean of your refrigerator, it helps to remove all items so that you can get in the nooks and crannies. Soak those crisper drawers in some warm water and use baking soda to get rid of stubborn stains. Once you’ve tossed expired items and got your fridge squeaky clean, it will be ready to welcome all that great fresh produce from the Union Station Farmers Market.

6. Get ready for barbecues

Summer means the start of al fresco patio dining and summer parties. Get ready by giving your outdoor grill a thorough cleaning, Dodson suggests. When you’re cleaning your grill, scrub and rinse the grates and use a grill brush to scrub the underside of the hood. (Pro tip, put down a piece of foil while you’re scrubbing the hood so any loose pieces can be quickly picked up).  Make sure you’ve got a good grill cover because Colorado is notorious for those late spring snow storms that happen leading up to Memorial Day!

7. A final thought: Schedule your spring cleaning 

Schedule a time to do your spring cleaning and organizing, suggests Trager. Figure out all of the projects that you need to tackle, and then schedule them on the calendar accordingly, she suggests. “Stick to it like any other appointment,” Trager says.