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Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the costumes and decoration that create the illusion of horror and good old-fashioned spookiness. It’s a labor of love for many people, but we can make it more love and less labor. Let us take the fear out of the first weeks of November, while also keeping your home clutter-free year-round. If you have any of the following Halloween decorations to store, find a hassle-free and reasonably-priced option with Closetbox.


Halloween Storage is Yard Storage: Whether you have an elaborate 25-foot pirate ship, a skeleton figure that goes from attic dormer to the end of the front sidewalk, or just a Griswold-scale yard of ghosts, ghouls, witches, and wizards, you may not have enough room in the basement or attic for everything, especially if you also do other holiday decorations.

It’s also worth pointing out that when November rolls around, there’s a lot of yard maintenance equipment that’s no longer needed for a season. Make room to starting using that fire pit and patio heaters in earnest.


Halloween Storage is Kitchen Storage: Whether you have Halloween-shaped cookie cutters for festive cookie-decorating, Halloween-themed cauldron and goblets for mulled wine, pumpkin-carving tools and other implements for fresh-roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pies, pumpkin stews, and pumpkin-flavored lattes that use actual pumpkin. Not to mention the fact that you probably put up some of your general décor Halloween decorations in your kitchen space.

There’s an incredible range of scary and fall-themed kitchen delights. It’s no wonder that many people have kitchenware they store with the rest of their Halloween decorations.


Halloween Storage is Wardrobe Storage: Many a costume isn’t really feasible as part of your regular wardrobe. Yet, you may have something that seems so creative and unusual that it doesn’t seem smart to throw it away or donate. Now, we’re not saying everybody is going to be asking themselves if they can still fit into their personally crafted Ken Bone costume when the 2020 presidential campaign rolls around. But then you’re not most people, are you? Besides, Halloween is the time in which we’re supposedly allowed to fly our “freak flag.”

Put another way, you’d be surprised how many Halloween costumes can be reused for other costume ideas in future years or, say, for your kid’s school play next year. Especially in this age where every story seems to be getting remade and franchised.


Halloween Storage is Business Storage: If you run a small business with any type of receptionist area, you know the importance of seasonally themed decorations. The simple touches of adding Halloween decorations to your front door, reception desk, and other highly visible areas of the office can do immeasurable good for the morale of your staff and a more positive attitude from your clientele. Best of all, with an offsite storage solution, it’s easier than ever to have rotating decorations delivered to your office, rather eating up all your available back-room or at-home storage spaces.