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In terms of the general financial commitment and the need to comb through fine-print details, buying a condo can very much resemble buying a single-family home. Yet, as most people know, there are also stark differences. Instead of doing your own exterior home maintenance, much of this is taken care of for you. Monthly or annual dues to the community directly fund the maintenance of common spaces, security, and some home maintenance and repair. Before buying a condo make sure you have a clear understanding of all the applicable association fees, reserve accounts, tax abatements, and available amenities. It’s all part of the immediate financial commitment as well as the long-term wisdom of the investment.

Another big difference is that condominium owners must generally adhere to a number of bylaws outlined by an administrative board. These bylaws may include anything from keeping a tidy yard to prohibiting the storage of items on balcony and patio spaces. Look, there are pros and cons that go with owning most any condo. Just know these bylaws may impact your storage space more than you think. You may not recognize the value of your patio storage space until it’s taken away.


Keeping Tidy Inside and Out

The trade-off is that the administrative board and service team removes the need for a number of lawn and maintenance items, from mowers and weed-whackers to rakes and extra paint cans. To this point, many condo owners prefer a more ‘clutter-free’ living environment and like the idea of no longer having to worry about using, much less storing, these items.

At the same time, there’s a difference between living clutter-free and severe minimalism. Keeping everything in the condo may be difficult. Unfortunately, these buildings rarely have attics or basements, and even parking may be carport than garage space. Some condos have their own onsite storage units for rent, but many do not.

Look, there are a lot of questions you should ask yourself before buying a condo, but few, if any, condo communities will be able to “check off every box.” Don’t let less-than-ideal storage keep you from falling in love with condos that seem poised to welcome you with open arms. Striking the perfect balance between apartment living and home ownership, condos are perfect for both younger and older residents who want an awesome, but manageable, space. Let us help you make it happen while still having convenient access to your belongings.


A Great Choice for your Condo Storage

Instead of cramming boxes of belongings into the one closet in your unit, opt for a smarter storage solution. It’s safe, affordable, and—with us—convenient. Our pickup is especially nice if you plan to store larger items, such as seasonal furniture and boat accessories. Meanwhile, an itemized inventory dashboard makes it easy to get just a single box or two with our on-demand returns. With us, you won’t need to rent a van, hire movers, or borrow your friend’s trailer.