Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Closetbox Work?

What makes Closetbox different?

We are a full service storage company with a free pickup. We come to your home and pick up your things. Don't worry about moving the couch or hauling that mattress downstairs. Our team of professional movers will do all the heavy lifting for you. Whenever you are ready for something or everything back, we deliver it right to your door. We absorb all of the hassle of getting your stuff into storage. Cause we just like you that much.

Is Closetbox available in my city?

We are in 67 cities across the country. Check our locations page to see if we are close to you. If you notice we serve your city but don't serve your particular ZIP code, call us.

I need to store my stuff today/tomorrow. Can Closetbox help me?

Possibly. We can't guarantee anything, but we will do everything possible. The fastest way to find out if we can help is to call us as soon as you can. The more you can tell us about your schedule and needs, the better chance we have of finding a time that works. We’re good, sometimes amazing, and we have been known to make magic happen from time to time.

What can I expect when I call Closetbox?

One of our Personal Storage Advisors, like Caroline or Adrienne or Lee, will talk with you about your personal storage needs and design an estimate for you. They will ask things like what you need to store? How long? When is your preferred pickup date?

You will get an estimated monthly rate that is one price for everything. Nothing hidden, nothing extra. So be prepared with a credit card, which we need to reserve your pickup.

You will get an email confirming that your pickup date has been scheduled, a text message confirming your time, and then you are all set.

What can I expect on pickup day?

You will receive a text message from us the day before your pickup date with an estimated time of arrival. Typically, that estimate is a 2-hour window. We emphasize *estimated* because traffic in a big truck in some of our cities is just no joke. So plan for a little flex. Our movers are very good about calling you if we expect we might be late.

Once we arrive at your home, just point out what goes into storage, and we'll start labelling everything and stacking it on the truck.

You will receive a handwritten inventory from our movers. Review and sign that.

You will get an email later that day that your items have been securely stored.

What do I need to do before Closetbox arrives?

Keep an eye on your confirmation email. Then pack up your tubs, tape your boxes, and plan to be home the day of your pickup. We will do ALL of the heavy lifting so just leave everything right where it is. Then rest easy because we've got this covered.

What if I have more stuff than I realize?

It happens. Most people underestimate how much stuff they have. We will always find room for your things, especially if you are off by just a little bit. If you are off by a lot, depending on how much more stuff you have, it might bump you into the next biggest space. If you can call us ahead of time, we can typically save you money.

Can Closetbox help me pack?

We can provide packing services through our local service providers at reasonable rates. If you need packing help, please call us ahead of time. We can give you an estimate and make sure we schedule enough time to accommodate your request.

Can I go pick up my stuff instead of having it delivered?

Of course. The handling fee is the same cost whether you pick it up or have us deliver. So for most people, delivery is an easy choice. But if this is what you prefer, just give us a couple days lead time so we can make sure someone is at the warehouse to help you.


Where will my stuff be stored?

Your belongings will be safely wrapped and packed into a sealed vault and stored inside one of our warehouses. Ask our Personal Storage Advisors for the specific location in your city.

Can I go see my stuff?

Of course. Since your belongings are in a secure storage warehouse, we ask that you call us first to schedule an appointment. That way, when you arrive, the staff is expecting you and have your vaults pulled down and ready for you to inspect. We also recommend that you wear close-toed shoes because it is a warehouse and we care about your toes.

Do I need to buy coverage?

Closetbox offers a basic coverage package on every order, but we may recommend adding additional coverage. While accidents rarely happen, when they do, we want to make sure you’re covered in the event that they do.

Will my things be secure?

They will be very secure. There aren't hundreds of other renters who have keys to our facility, like with self-storage. Our warehouses are monitored 24/7, and your personal vaults are locked up tight inside.

Is there anything I can’t store?

There are some things that we just don’t store. We don’t store drugs, alcohol, weapons or ammunition because it’s against the law. We don’t store car batteries or anything else that could explode. We don't store valuable artwork, arcade machines, vehicles or pianos. We don't store, and we shouldn't have to say this, live animals or fishtanks.

If you plan to store designer custom-made furniture, limited-edition artwork, or any individual pieces valued over $7,500, just let us know in advance. We may have special crating and packing recommendations for items of this nature as well as additional specialty coverage options.


What does it cost?

Our pickup is free. Always.

Your monthly storage fee is determined by what you store. Prices are comparable to self-storage, and they make you do all the work. For exact cost of rent in your area for the space you need, talk to our customer service reps or fill out our reservation form and you will get your estimate quickly.

In most cases, your return fee is equivalent to your monthly storage rent. If you only need a few items back, we can handle that too. Partial deliveries vary by the item, give our team a call to determine that cost.

What’s the catch?

No catch. We think the worst part about storage is getting stuff into storage. Renting trucks, asking friends to help, hauling stuff up and down stairs, sitting in traffic, stacking stuff into a storage unit at night. We think a business that saves people time and hassle and costs the same as regular self-storage is something people just might want. You decide.