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When it comes to style, some trends are easy to predict: Florals bloom as the “it” print every spring and plaids dominate in the fall. (Check, mate!) But what micro-trends can we expect to dominate the store racks and beauty counters in 2018? We turned to fashion and beauty experts to find out just that.

But first things first, you’ll want to make room in your closet. Stylists often recommend having a closet that’s mixed with classics (think: a nice pair of jeans, a white button-up blouse, a black blazer) with some trendier pieces mixed in. Closetbox has worked with stylists to create a guide that will help you put together a professional closet.

Closetbox can also help you keep your closet well-edited by switching out your wardrobe with the seasons. We’ll come pick up your belongings and store them in a climate-controlled facility, and then deliver them back when you’re ready. (That way, when we’re getting hit with Bomb Cyclone-like weather, sundresses and sandals won’t be taunting you).

Here are the clothes, accessories and beauty products that are expected to have major moments in 2018, plus the trends that are gracefully bowing out.

Purple reigns!

The Pantone Color Institute picked a pretty purple as its coveted “Color of the Year” for 2018. To get specific, Pantone chose a psychedelic ultra-violet. (Think: Jimi Hendrix or Prince would navigate towards this tone of purple.” But, when it comes to fashion, Dina Scherera New York City image and wardrobe Stylist and personal shopperis nudging the color wheel towards a softer lavender. “I’m very excited to see such a fun and feminine color be the trend for this year,” says Scherer, the owner of Modnitsa Styling. Lavender is especially great, she says, because it’s a very balanced color, combining pink and blue; masculine and feminine. “It’s almost universally flattering,” says Scherer, a self-described color advocate who encourages her clients to to embrace more than just neutrals in their wardrobes.

Lavender, fashion, ultra-violet

Greenery is out

As a wise frog once said: “It’s not easy being green.” One year you’re the “it” color, the next you’re usurped by a bold purple. Greenery, a zesty yellow-green shade, is the outgoing “Color of the Year” that Pantone decided on for 2017. The color, described as “nature’s neutral,” has undertones of cool blues and bold yellows. It became prominent in fashion for men and women, and was favored by collections of Kenzo, Michael Kors, Zac Posen and Cynthia Rowley.

Ditch the fanny pack

Fanny packs made a comeback, reinventing themselves under the AKA of “belt bags.” The 1980’s accessory got madeover by labels ranging from luxe Gucci to outdoorsy Patagonia. But, it’s time to unstrap them and retire them for good, Scherer says. “I think there is just no way to not look like a tourist when you’re wearing one of those, even in their most stylish iterations.”


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But, chokers continue their comeback

The 90’s-tastic choker necklaces became a hot jewelry trend in 2017, notes Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. They’ll continue to trend in 2018, but the newest versions of chokers are getting gussied up with whimsical elements (think: quartz stones, fringe or medallion details). Some other styles will offer the option to tie up loose ends. The choker’s modern-day evolution is moving from minimalistic, slim styles to more playful statement pieces,” Isom Johnson says. “We’re already starting to see examples of this evolution on Etsy,” she says.

choker necklaces

Photo by PRNewsfoto/Etsy

Mismatched earrings

Ever get bummed out because you lost an earring? Don’t toss that solo stud or hoop just yet! According to Etsy, it’s cool to mismatch your earrings. The trend has been popping up on runways and Etsy has more than 5,000 results for “mismatched earrings.” You can play with this trend in a few different ways, pairing same-sized studs in varying shapes or mixing up colors and sizes.

Dresses on top of shirts

This trend started off simple: Slip dresses with peek-a-boo lace tossed on over simple t-shirts. But, the trend gained some momentum on the runways recently and has become much bolder. Case-in-point: Flowy dresses worn over leopard shirts debuted by Balenciaga and silky dresses that sync up with sporty shirts. H/T to Personal Shopa network of personal shoppers, with a U.S. outpost in New Yorkto taking note of this trend. The stylists at Personal Shop suggest trying the trend by mixing and matching your own T-shirts and button downs with flowy dresses.


Thick full lashes are in, and the perfectly contoured look is out

Start layering up that mascara because retro, lumpy lashes a la Twiggy are making a major comeback, Jessica Elbaum, a celebrity make-up artist and hairstylist for “Modern Family” tells us. “The best way to achieve this look is by curling your lashes and then putting a couple of layers of jet black mascara on both bottom and top lashes.” Thick, black eyeliner is also in, Elbaum says. “To achieve the look, trace it thick around both your lashlines, wing it out in a dramatic angle and you’re done.” As for what’s out? It’s time to ditch that perfectly groomed and contoured look, Elbaum says. “As strong as this look was last year, 2018 is all about natural, dewy and glowy looks,” she says. Plus, all that countouring and make-up on your face is really not that healthy.

Mermaid eyes

“I’m noticing that a pop of color on the eyes, along with mermaid vibes are hot for 2018,” says Hillary Kline, a freelance makeup artists and beauty blogger in Minneapolis. To test out this trend, you can start by putting a bit of colorful eyeliner on your bottom lash line for a pop of color. Other beauty trends she’s spotting for 2018: Highlighting is still going strong and lip gloss is back!