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For those in the path of Hurricane Matthew, we hope your story ends by being able to brag about the best hurricane party ever, or at least how the evacuation shelter wasn’t as bad as you had feared. Unfortunately, a hurricane of this magnitude inevitably leaves behind a wake of destruction that can claim both homes and lives. Stay safe both during the storm and in the immediate aftermath.

But when the time comes to assess and repair the damage, know that we offer a hassle-free storage option.


Why Storage can be Important for Hurricane Recovery and Repair

Just because something survived a hurricane’s destructive force doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave out in the elements long-term. Exposure to heat and solar radiation is problematic for all kinds of materials and belongings. Even items that weren’t damaged by the severe wind and heavy rains may not fair well with prolonged exposure to moisture. Proximity to other materials that may serve as a breeding ground for mold and microbes can also be an issue. And then there’s the human element to consider. Reports of widespread looting are often overblown, but property theft does occur.

Often times, things will need to go into storage while your home is repaired. A damaged roof may still be offering some measure of temporary shelter now, but it will likely need to be torn out and replaced as a permanent fix. The silver lining may be that if there’s major structural damage to your home or business—or even in a worst-case in which the building has to be demolished—it doesn’t necessarily mean your property is a total loss. Once you’re able to safely salvage what household belongings you can, you’ll likely need a place to store them while you repair or rebuild—or even look for a new place altogether.


Supply, Demand, and Barriers to Access

Typically, the complimentary pickup service from Closetbox is available on-demand and completed within a day or two. Yet, as Home Tips for Women explains, a lot of businesses and professionals see a higher level of demand and greater service barriers in the days and weeks after a hurricane. As such, while our storage centers aren’t themselves located in a floodplain or on the beach, we can’t pick up your storage items if the road is washed out and we can’t get access to your home or business.


Major Home Damage and Loss of Use Insurance

If you’re dealing with major damage, you may be able to take advantage of your home insurance policy to help pay for your storage costs. Check your policy for a loss-of-use coverage provision that provides for things like hotel costs, higher meal costs, and storage. You can read more about this type of insurance coverage at

To this point, you don’t have to live in a hurricane-prone area to experience major damage to your home. Likewise, just because the damage to your home didn’t make the local news—much less receive national media attention—doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to feel stressed if you suddenly can’t live in your home for any amount of time. No matter the details of your home insurance policy, don’t wait to find a storage solution in your area.