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You probably spend a good deal of time and money on oil changes, car washes and regular tune-ups for the vehicles you park inside your garage.

But how often do you stop to consider the garage itself? As one of the main entry points to your house — and the place where you keep lots of valuable tools and equipment — it’s a good idea to give your garage a little love every now and then.

Here are eight DIY maintenance tips that will help you keep your garage in tip-top shape.

1. Make room

If seasonal tools and large items are taking over your garage, consider storing some until you really need them. After all, if you don’t have a large garage, you don’t want your snowblower taking up precious space in June. Give the team at Closetbox a call. They’ll show up in a moving truck and transport your belongings to a private vault, where they’ll store them as long as you want. When the temperatures drop and you need cold-weather tools again, let Closetbox know and they’ll return your belongings.

Garage and bike

2. Check the door

How many times does your garage door go up and down in an average week? If you’re like most families, probably quite a few times.

It’s a good idea to routinely check your garage door and make sure it’s still working properly. If you see it jerking up and down or hear squeaking, it’s probably time to get it repaired, says Mark Bicknell, owner of Clive Garage Door.

He also suggests releasing your garage door from the mechanical opener to check for balance.

“The door should hold itself in an open position. If the door falls, the spring may need adjustment,” he said.

Bicknell also suggests tightening your garage door’s screws and bolts periodically, as well as lubricating rollers, hinges, bearings and other moving parts regularly.

“People dread dealing with the garage door, but most problems aren’t as bad as people expect,” he added. “Periodic inspection of your garage door will make it easier to identify when something needs attention.”

3. Deep clean

Here’s something you’ve probably never cleaned: your garage door openers.

Think about it — how many grubby fingers have touched those things?

“This is less of a maintenance tip for the garage itself and more about your own health,” says Emily Long, a home maintenance expert with Safewise. “Wipe down openers to remove dust and germs, especially if you have kids who like to open and close your doors.”


4. Power it up

Thanks to the elements and time, your house can get grimy and dingy.

If you’re planning to power wash your driveway or your house’s siding, go ahead and give the garage a good clean while you’re at it, Long suggests.

5. Banish stains

Over time, your garage floor can become covered with oil and grease stains from your vehicles.

To banish stains, start by pretreating them with an alkaline degreaser. You can even pretreat them with Coca Cola, says Lucy Norman, a cleaning expert with End to End. The next day, wash away the degreaser and your stains should disappear, too.

6. Keep it safe

To keep your family safe from harm, your garage needs regular maintenance, cleaning and attention. It’s important to keep tabs on everything new and old in the garage because so many potentially harmful substances are stored there, says Caitlin Hoff, a health and safety investigator with

“By regularly cleaning, recycling and organizing, you can ensure that your garage is safe for your whole family,” Hoff says. “Chemicals should be stored up high away from children and pilot lights. They should also be stored in their original containers for safety purposes.”

7. Protect your family

Your garage is part of your home. You should treat it just like any other room of your house and outfit it with safety equipment.

There are 6,600 garage fires every year in the U.S. that result in an average of 30 deaths, 400 injuries and $457 million in property loss, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

Make sure you’ve got a fire extinguisher, a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, safety lights, a lock between the garage and the house and covers on your electrical outlets, Hoff advises. Check these devices regularly to ensure the batteries aren’t dead and that they’re still working properly, she added.


8. Don’t invite in pests

You might procrastinate when it comes to maintaining your garage. After all, it’s basically outside, right?

Wrong. Take the time to fix broken windows, holes and frayed cords so you don’t invite any unwanted critters inside, Hoff says. Your garage is still warmer and safer than the outdoors, so birds, bugs and rodents may seek refuge there.